Merry Merriness in Maryland, somebody’s getting married

You’ll all be thrilled to know that we’re here in Maryland to shoot Luis V’s wedding. 

Sorry for the lack of updates. We hit the ground running. We really haven’t taken much of a chance to breathe. 

On the plane, we sat next to an older gentleman who said he was a physicist. He talked our ears off. He was in Montana presenting parts of a paper he wrote. He recently bought a smart phone that amazingly enough sports a compass and a keyboard that he can see and type on using his fat fingers. 

And one time, he took his five grandchildren to a buffet and the total for 7 people was only $48. 


We landed in Maryland around 4 p.m. We took a bus over to another area to rent a car. Back when we made our arrangements, we rented the cheapest car possible. It’s supposed to be the equivalent of a Chevy Aveo. 

When we got to the counter, the attendant tried to up-sell us. “Are you sure? That car doesn’t have power locks, power windows or cruise control,” the guy said. 

“No, we’re sure.” We’re trying to keep costs down to pass those savings on to Luis, for goodness sakes. 

We were given the paperwork and headed out to the area to pick up the car. We gave a guy our paperwork. He said, “Take the third car right there.” He pointed. It was a Ford Fusion, which sported everything but the kitchen sink. There was cruise control, a sweet stereo, power locks, power doors. There was a little family in the back who has been doing our laundry.

I love that car.

I didn’t see a Chevy Aveo anywhere. Nor did I see a car that looked like you cranked a knob to open and close the windows, nor one that looked like the locks needed manual pushing and pulling. 

Weird, huh? 

We drove to our hotel. I unpacked my equipment where I found out some stuff was broken in transit, including my tripod and some props. I think I can fix the tripod, and the props weren’t that big a deal. 

We were supposed to meet Luis and a group of people having drinks at a restaurant near the wedding venue at 8, so Tina and I grabbed a bite before heading over. 

When we got to the get-together, we were able to meet several of the wedding attendees, including Becky’s parents and friends. Lots of Luis’ family were in from Puerto Rico and left before we arrived. They were exhausted from traveling all day. 

Tina and I made a fun impression on a couple who we thought shared our views on belief. Luis introduced us as friends who met when Tina and I visited the Creation Museum. We misinterpreted their excitement for wanting to go there as similar reasons as we went. 

Tina and I excitedly told stories about our trip with PZ Myers. Later the woman turned to Tina on a different subject, and said, “We’re Christian.” 

Insert crap in pants. 

It was great, though. We ended up talking to the couple for a while. The guy dabbles heavily in astronomy photography. He showed me some of his work, and it’s phenomenal. 

This morning, we met the lovebirds for breakfast at a Panera Bread. Now I’m getting my gear together for today. It’s going to be great. 

Family photos at 1:30. Wedding is at 3:30. Party to ensue after. 

Watch out, papa’s got his dancing shoes on. 

It’s Caturday!

This very special Caturday is brought to you by Glock21. You might remember that Glock provided us with an outstanding Wednesdog. Hey, Bentley!

Meet Kokomo.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” was inspired by this very cat who is staring at you with her green eyes RIGHT NOW!

Glock writes:

One of the ornery cats displaying his catch of the day… a mouse. Of sorts.

I can only assume that the cryptic description of Kokomo only means that there are more cats at Glock’s house that need to be photographed and sent our way.

Give it up for Kokomo … she gave it up for you.

And if Kokomo’s a boy, I refuse to apologize. Kokomo is totally a girl name.



I wrote this hastily before leaving on Friday, and see now that this cat is a male, based on the pronoun in Glock’s description.

Boy, do I really know how to make a mistake.

***End UPDATE***