It’s Caturday!

This very special Caturday is brought to you by Glock21. You might remember that Glock provided us with an outstanding Wednesdog. Hey, Bentley!

Meet Kokomo.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Beach Boys song “Kokomo” was inspired by this very cat who is staring at you with her green eyes RIGHT NOW!

Glock writes:

One of the ornery cats displaying his catch of the day… a mouse. Of sorts.

I can only assume that the cryptic description of Kokomo only means that there are more cats at Glock’s house that need to be photographed and sent our way.

Give it up for Kokomo … she gave it up for you.

And if Kokomo’s a boy, I refuse to apologize. Kokomo is totally a girl name.



I wrote this hastily before leaving on Friday, and see now that this cat is a male, based on the pronoun in Glock’s description.

Boy, do I really know how to make a mistake.

***End UPDATE***

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