You lost an hour? I lost my phone *and* an hour

We’re back safe and sound from Baltimore where we shot Luis V.’s and Becky’s wedding. It was an amazing event, and I look forward to sharing more later. Tina and I are exhausted. We worked hard to get the shots on Saturday, and we went to an open house at Becky’s parent’s house on Sunday before leaving for the airport.

Somehow between the bus from the car rental area and security, I lost my iPhone.

When I was going through security, they pulled me aside, because the equipment I travel with looks suspicious.

I have remote controls and receivers, batteries and stands.

While I was standing there watching security take everything out of my bags, I looked at Tina and said, “My phone is gone. I have no idea where it is. Can you call it?”

She did. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t in my stuff.

Finally I remember I could do the Where’s my iPhone app. The app said the phone was in the terminal somewhere. You can see it in the screen cap above.

Finding your phone is accurate. When I checked where I was with Tina’s map function, it showed me exactly where we were. Suddenly at 3:18, the phone stopped responding. It was gone.

I’m wondering if someone stole it. Why? I don’t know.

We checked with security. We checked a trashcan where I threw out a bottle. We called the bus company. We checked the desk where we checked in.

More to come on the wedding. I figured the phone news was really important and it needed its own post.