Oh to the Em.

I’m pretty damn excited about the prelimenary shots we’re sending to Luis V. and Becky.

Click on any image to enlarge.

These are only a couple images we sent them tonight. I can’t wait to work through them all.

You wanna hear something crazy? I found my iPhone

I’m editing photography today, and posting may be sparse.

Before I went to bed, my phone appeared again … in Utah. So I started sending it messages hoping that the person who had it would see it and call me. But no luck.

I called Utah police, they told me I needed to call Baltimore police. And they all made it sound like there wasn’t a chance I was getting my phone back. This wasn’t a priority for them.

The Find my iPhone app was pinpointing the phone at a residence in West Valley City, Utah. I was able to determine the exact address using Google Maps. And I was able to verify the address by using Streetview. You could read the number painted on the pavement in front of the home.

So I googled the address, and in 2008, there was a court case that included the resident of that address listed amount many. I whitepaged the name it gave which was Gloria Jensen, and it verified that she lived in the home with her husband Merrill. I got a phone number and decided to call in the morning, as I thought it would be really rude to call at 1:30 a.m. their time.

I called and I spoke to Merrill, who is a little old man with a really quiet voice and a very confused sense of understanding the world. He found the phone on the bus we took from the rental area to the airport. The screen shows a picture of Tina and I, so Merrill explained that he thought he could identify the person by looking around the airport for me.

He thought that I would be on his plane, so he kept the phone instead of giving it to Lost and Found or to the flight staff or security at the airport.

All that’s to say, I told Merrill to please mail me the phone and I would call him to find out the shipping and handling later this week to reimburse him.

When Merrill answered his phone and I explained who I was, he asked, “How did you find me?” I told him that I pinpointed his exact address via GPS. He made a comment questioning his sense of security. I said, “Well, imagine if you stole it and the police were hunting you down.”

He didn’t really get it.

But I’m pretty sure I really freaked him out.