6 thoughts on “Kalley Yanta, do as a say, not as I did

  1. Yanta’s got a special place in my heart because of the Minnesota Marriage Minute videos about the the proposed “Make Gay People Feel Like The Second Class Citizens That God Says They Are” amendment that we have to vote down in November. I’ve been wanting to do a post on it. I should really get to that. After some Mario Kart. And going to the gym. Maybe I can schedule a root canal. Or balance my checkbook first. I really don’t want to spend that much time watching this dinkus’s episodes of sugary hate.

  2. Why is it that all of these “Christians,” who have so much grief about poor choices that they made in their past, need to make the rest of society pay for their misdeeds? It’s always the same. “I did ______
    and _______ and _______ so now YOU can’t do any of those things because I now feel that they were SINFUL. I’ll tell you what: the Bible says that it’s wrong to lie and to cheat and to bear false witness. If you do such things, as Mrs. Yanta and her friends do with each and every Minnesota Marriage Minute video they make, you are an ABOMINATION is God’s eyes. He knows the truth. He knows that they’re liars and cheats and that they knowingly misrepresent data and studies as “proof” that gay people are icky and don’t deserve the same rights and freedoms that the rest of us take for granted.

  3. Please don’t push your religious BS on me or others! This is a free country! Just because you grew out of your Cunt tree, doesn’t mean you need to take rights away from others!

  4. I wish I could have been there when Yanta found out that all the hard work she and her minions did to put a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage FAILED.

    More LOL’s, I just read that the Minnesota Senate is set to debate same-sex marriage later today. Yippee!

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