93-year-old lens on a 5D Mark II

A couple years ago, I posted that a photographer outfitted a 100 year old lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. The results were really cool.

Recently, a guy hacked a 5D Mark II with a 93-year-old lens (pictured above).

The results weren’t nearly as impressive as the 100-year-old lens, but then again, 100-year-olds are often way better than anyone or anything younger than them.

The pictures of the hack are impressive, though.

Below are some examples the photographer, Ryan Heise, posted.

Go check him out and hire him and his 93-year-old lens the next time you get a chance!

One thought on “93-year-old lens on a 5D Mark II

  1. Thanks for posting these…really interesting detail. It’s fascinating to me how the detail in THESE photos would differ from detail we’d see in photos TODAY. There’s such a softness, almost like a painting…VERY COOL.

    Thanks again for sharing these.

    Would def be interested in hearing the dissection of WHY these photos looks so different and HOW the technology may have been better back then.

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