Thundering Thursday, I’m taking the day off

Thursday will be slow. Tina and I are doing a large video production, which we worked on all day yesterday and scheduled to wrap today.

Tina left to care for Talulah around 2:30 and I stayed back into the wee hours shooting b-roll, which meant I couldn’t schedule posts to land today last night as I wanted to.

I’m not sure how long today is going to be. I posted a production shot yesterday, but our client made blanket reminders that the people involved in the shoot shouldn’t release any images to their facebook or social media sites until the opening, which is next month.

They weren’t talking to me, and I don’t think they know about my blog. But I took it down.

We took some shots that weren’t obvious (like me with lights and cameras), so I might get those up later.

In the meantime, consider today as if I called in sick. 🙂

Thanks to all of you who have been filling my inbox with Caturday and Wednesdog submissions. Consider doing that today in your free time.

And to all of you going to the freethought convention in DC this weekend, have fun. Travel safe. And drop me links to your updates if you think of it. I’ll be there “in spirit.”