… And on that farm he had a Bill O’Reilly, Ee i ee i oh! With a “I’m an idiot here” and I’m a “dumb dumb” here …

Last night, Tina went to be a bit earlier than I did. We both hit the sack earlier than usually. Times have been stressful, and sleep has been sparse.

On these kinds of nights, I tend to put on the TV news stations to see what they’re talking about. If we’re sharing the tube, we watch TV that we both might like.

Last night, Bill O’Reilly was talking about Trayvon Martin, just like everyone . O’Reilly is convinced there’s a story that the liberal media isn’t letting us know about yet, and that this story is going to give George Zimmermon the edge he needs to come out scott free.

The absolute funniest and sickest part of the whole show was O’Reilly’s spin on who made this story popular. At one point, he looked right in the camera at one point and said, “The American public can’t get enough of this story. They’ve made it the most discussed topic in public and won’t let it down.”

Frankly, I haven’t heard many people talking about the story at all. It’s the last thing small talk brings up.

This is a media story. It’s in the media all the fucking time.

I watched through some talking heads with different perspectives, and admired how Bill talked right over the right-leaning law perspective telling her what she was supposed to say. And then he argued with the left-leaning perspective about Obama’s, “He’d look like my son,” comment, but then finally agreed with him on his point … you know, so that Billy Boy looks like he’s “fair and balanced” a term made cliché in the 10 minutes I tuned in.

I bet he said it five times.

No kidding.

What a ruse.

2 thoughts on “… And on that farm he had a Bill O’Reilly, Ee i ee i oh! With a “I’m an idiot here” and I’m a “dumb dumb” here …

  1. The right wing media is just ridiculous. They have been flailing for days trying to turn this story around.

    Right Wing Media:Turns out Martin may have attacked Zimmerman, says a witness!

    Me: Possibly, yes. Of course, this is after he hunted him down in an SUV with a loaded weapon.

    RWM: Whatever. Did you know Zimmerman was a registered Democrat? You blame the right anyway.

    Me: So I’m supposed to be okay with chasing down teenagers if it’s done by Democrats? Whatever blame rests on Republicans, it is the ridiculous “stand your ground” law, and deification of the second amendment.

    RWM: Martin was suspended from school for drug offenses, and he was caught with break-in tools!

    Me: Yep. When he was hunted down and shot, he had Skittles and Iced Tea. Are you implying that we should hunt down and shoot people in the hopes that we get one who has previous drug charges? P.S. Zimmerman was arrested previously for assaulting a Police Officer.

    RWM: His family is filing for Trademark on his likeness to profit from this!

    Me: ….or maybe they are trying to prevent everyone else from profiting on it? With the media turning this into a circus, someone is going to profit from it. Should it be Cafe Press? I guess what you mean is that we should just call things “even”- they lose a son but make some money. Is that what you are saying?

    I’m not sure exactly what combination of entirely unrelated facts is supposed to make hunting kids for sport acceptable, but the right is ready to try and find it. Here is what is important:

    Zimmerman called police to report a “coon” was looking suspicious in his neighborhood. This “coon” was riding a bicycle- he wasn’t casing houses, or being violent, or doing anything overtly threatening. Zimmerman was told not to persue the “coon”, he was asked to wait for police. Zimmerman got into an SUV with a loaded waeapon, followed Trayvon down the street, got out of his SUV and confronted a kid riding a bike through his neighborhood. He pulled out his weapon and shot him THREE times.

    Did Trayvon fight back? Probably not, but if he did- as the only eyewitness claims- would you blame him?
    Was Trayvon a criminal? He wasn’t being one when he was followed, attacked and killed. How did Zimmerman know he was a criminal?

  2. There are people on my facebook feed that are saying some ruthlessly racist stuff about this story.

    I agree with you on the family trademarking remark. But no one should be surprised when the family is criticized for it.

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