Ludwig Mies van der Rohe celebrates what the funny kids are posting


Happy Birthday, van der Rohe!

These are a collection of images that the funny kids I have seen the whole of the Internet and Tastefully Offensive have been posting.


Picture of seal looking up through hole in ice reads, “I was told to seal this opening. So here I am. 

Facebook update reads, “I’m so glad television redifined the world “marathon” to mean the exact opposite of physical exercise.”

Your ecard reads, “Karma takes too long. I’d rather beat the shit out of you now. 

Banksy looking graffiti of lindsey lohan looking model with nose bleed reads, “Coke Diet.” 

Joanne Casey's headline read: A picture of my cute ass

Photo of child place above photo of school bus reads, “Children must always wear a seat belt, except if you put 50 of them in one vehicle.” 

Bridger Winegar tweet reads, “If anyone’s interested, I’ll be signing books today at Barnes & Noble from 3 p.m until I’m removed by security.” 

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