Crazy bursts of sleep insanity

Last night, I woke up to use the men’s room at 2 a.m. I went straight back to bed, and I thought it would take a second to get back to sleep.

In what I thought was just a few moments later, I woke up hearing someone throwing things at the floor in my office which is close to the bedroom. I heard equipment crashing to the floor, as if someone were looking for something or trashing the office.

I was convinced someone was in the house.

I sprung up, and shook Tina awake. She gasped and said, “What’s going on, Jeremy?” with a panic. My voice shook as I said, “Somebody is house!”

I debated for a split second to turn on the light or not. I did.

I looked out the door, and I thought the person stopped, and would burst out and attack me at any second.

“Hello?” I called out. “Who’s there?” I said in a convincingly strongly voice.

I looked back at Tina who was shielding her eyes from the light. Zoe was on the bed and Talulah was still curled up in a ball.

When Zoe’s on the bed, that means she feels safe. If she were gone, that would indicate she knew someone she didn’t like was in the house.

It became clear that I was reacting to a dream.

Tina’s not going to let me live it down today. I made it difficult for her to go back to sleep. And Tina values sleep like you value a bowl of soup on a cold day.

This kind of nightmare has affected me for a long time. The hardest experience was when I was in France back in college, and I thought someone was crawling into a window where I was sleeping.

Have you ever seen Twin Peaks, and watched the scenes where the spirit of the killer is crawling up over the bed? That’s what I saw crawling over a railing of a balcony outside my window. It spooked me, and I woke up, ran down a hallway screaming and pulling off all the frames that were hung on the walls.

Of course, we found out it was just a dream. I was embarrassed and found money to replace the frames.

It is mind-boggling how strong the brain is when it’s trying to convince you that something is there, when it’s not. You may not have these kinds of dreams. And maybe you do. It’s the tip of the iceberg, though, on mental strength.

Do any of you experience similar bouts of dreams that are so convincing you react to them when you’re awake?


4 thoughts on “Crazy bursts of sleep insanity

  1. The same meaty organ that is causing your sleep hallucinations has been getting their owners to believe in ghosts and gods since the beginning of time. Luckily through the acceptance of what science can show us and then replicate you have embraced that your sensory functions are not perfect.
    Spirits, no god(s) required!
    Now if we could only get the other 6 billion people to accept their invisible friends are a part of their brains…

  2. Thanks, Olivia. I’m down with your response and working on that six billion every chance I get. 🙂

    I love me some meaty organs!

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