Pee per dee

I have this friend. Let’s call her Sunny. Shoot, let’s call her Sunny Lee.

Sunny started a Photo a Day project with her friend, and her friend bailed. She cried and cried about it, and finally I said, “Sunny … Sunny Lee? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

With a big ol’ pouty lip she said, “My friend doesn’t want to do a Photo a Day with me any mo.”

“And that hurts you?” I asked.


“Do you want me to do it with you?” I asked. Knowing full well, I do it anyway.

And she said, “Yes.”

So I’m going to do a Photo a day. With Sunny Lee.

It’s not a hard thing. You can do it with your phone.

Or you can do it with your pinhole camera. If you have a digital pinhole camera, you’ll get results faster.

I wanted to see about opening it up to you. I thought that I could do a Photo a Day submission. You guys submit photos, and either we run a thread of them per day (which probably won’t work). Or we run a weekly submission and all the photos go into a post.

Really, I want to do it for my pro site to help generate traffic.

So I’m curious how to get it started. I mean, if I put on the photo of the day and add everyone’s to it, what’s the harm in having it once a day?

Regardless, I’m going to do it. If you want to contribute, contact me here.

I’m also looking for a name. Maybe we’ll call it, “Pee Per Dee.”

Because Peeper has both a visual connotation and a sexual one. And you know how we are around here with our fart jokes and all.

By the way, Sunny Lee is my friend’s name. No kidding.

Or maybe I’ll call it Pee Per Dee with Sunny Lee.

Officially, today is day 93 (I think). Regardless, it rhymes with Lee and Dee. And Pee Pee.

The above photo was taken beneath the train tracks about a mile north of our condo.


Hmmph, that’ll be the day!

This Newsweek cover with a youth-paster looking Jesus reads, “Forget the church. Follow Jesus.” (by Andrew Sullivan).

Can someone please wake me up when people start doing that? It’d be fantastic.

And I’m not talking about the stuff that Christians complain are things they fall short for. I’m talking helping the poor and needy.

Don’t hesitate to disturb me when they make wine from water and multiply some fish. That’d be AWESOME.

Looking off into the horizon

Over the weekend, Bill, Tina and I met with a group who want to include us among their list of photographers for weddings and events. They are going to act as a one-stop shop for the high-end wedding and event industry in Chicago.

The meeting was great, and it left us hoping for a bright future should all of this pan out.

The cool thing is that this company won’t take little jobs. Only high-end clients with budgets larger than most of us make in a couple years.

We’ll see.

If you asked me five years ago where I saw myself today, I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to tell you.

And if you asked me where I saw myself in another five years, I’m still vague. I do what I love, but I also realize I have to prepare for the future. Preparing for the future wasn’t something included in all my bible lessons, unless of course you think the future includes eternity.

But the “real” future didn’t make it into our school curriculums.

If I had to take a stab at what I would really want to do … it’s traveling the world with Tina, shooting for all kinds of magazines and media, working with hot people on exotic locations. It wouldn’t matter where your location needed to be, I would go there and get it for you. And I’m not talking just still photography. Motion, too.

It’s basically a lot of what I’m doing now, but only more of it and at a much higher price point.


I consider writing this stuff what motivational speakers call, “Putting it out there.”

Others sometimes call it “prayer.” Only I find a bit of sweat, tears and pulled muscles when I pray.

Does that ever happen to you?



Hipstamatic neon Jesus saves


This is the sign for the Philadelphia Church up in Andersonville (around 5400 N Clark).

Even though the answer is well engrained in my head, I can’t help but ask the question — for all those who didn’t have the question answered for them — Jesus saves from what?

Jesus has had all of time to figure it out. If I were a leader who “saved” and If I had a track record of saving only a third of the population because my followers didn’t do a great job, that would be a failure.

If salvation were the economy, how come his followers aren’t holding his balls over the same set of standards that are set for real success and failure?

Hell, if the reason I needed saving was because of two people, a talking snake and disobedience, “Jesus Saves” would be the last thing I would put on a sign.

Where was Jesus saves when Adam and Eve screwed up? Ohhh, The holy trinity’s marketing department had not come up with that yet.

Makes perfect sense.