Death by auto accident encourages belief in God

Here’s a popular meme going around (click to enlarge).

It’s a photo that depicts the wreckage of a vehicle after a catastrophic accident. There appears to be dead people strewn bloodily throughout the car, except for one little boy who seems untouched.

The caption reads, “Share if u believe in God.”

Yes, I get why believers see this as a miracle. The miracle would be if all of the people inside were safe. Or if the accident didn’t happen in the first place. Or if the accident happened, and the car itself were untouched as well as the occupants.

This is a travesty, not a miracle, and it’s another reason why I don’t believe.

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2 thoughts on “Death by auto accident encourages belief in God

  1. Your logic and rationale seem to be quite poor, given your conclusions…so I’ll help you walk through this logic, in order for you to possibly understand why in fact your logic is very flawed.

    –You believe God does not exist, for the simple fact that people die in car crashes?
    –You do realize how humans do in fact die, correct? We are mortals…we die.
    –You also realize the fact our bodies are susceptible to great damage if we are travelling at a high rate of speed in a vehicle, which ends up colliding with another object, right?
    –You realize we created vehicles in order to travel, right?
    –You also realize the fact we understand how as a passenger or driver, there is always a possibility of being involved in a car crash, right?

    So considering all of the above, how does the simple fact of people dying in car crashes, lead you to believe God does not exist? We were given free will, with that free will, we can do what we please. Sometimes this leads to being involved in circumstances we create, which can lead to our death. Likewise, it explains why people die from being murdered…it was the free will being exercised by the murderer, which resulted in the death of an individual. The mere fact we are able to die in an automobile crash, does not logistically result in the conclusion of God’s existence or lack thereof.

    The reason people are referring to this picture, claiming it to be a miracle, is due to the fact the adult occupants of the vehicle suffered such substantial damage, it led to their death. However the fact the child survived, is not what’s considered the miracle. The fact that child is completely unharmed, is what’s seen as the miracle. The human being who has not lived long enough to experience being a parent, finding a partner/love, experiencing the hallmark events which happen to a person as they grow.

    Although it can be argued that it’s not so much a miracle, as it is a very rare possibility, given the fact it’s completely plausible for a person to be unharmed in an auto collision while everyone else suffered devastating injuries and/or death.
    However it also doesn’t give any logical reason to denounce the existence of God, simply because people have lost their lives because of the crash. People who are unable to comprehend the existence of God, by not being able to understand the vast amount of evidence proving God’s existence, also tend to demonstrate, as you just did, how their logic overall is extremely flawed and their critical thinking skills are not advanced enough to accurately interpret what should be considered valid proof, and what doesn’t constitute valid proof.

    Perhaps if you are lucky, your brain will develop enough for you to understand these issues better. If it doesn’t happen, then I truly feel very sorry for you.

    1. Wow.

      I wish I could help you realize how demented and non-sensical your ideas are.

      I know it won’t be possible.

      My very best with what appears to be a slew of bad logic.

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