“Divorce expos: A sign of the times?”

From The Week:

Forget the tiered cakes and floral arrangements that pack the halls of wedding expos. Divorce showcases are brimming with life coaches and dating experts

POSTED ON APRIL 3, 2012, AT 2:20 PM

Women comprised roughly 70 percent of attendees at New York City's first-ever divorce expo.

Women comprised roughly 70 percent of attendees at New York City’s first-ever divorce expo. Photo: Courtesy ShutterstockSEE ALL 87 PHOTOS

The expo has become a staple of the insatiable wedding industry, with stalls upon stalls helping the newly engaged make the myriad decisions that go into their special day. But blushing brides-to-be were in short order at a related expo in New York City this weekend. Titled “Start Over Smart,” it was the city’s first-ever expo for divorcees, many of whom are wrestling with some pretty serious decisions of their own. And while “Start Over Smart’ doesn’t dwell on the happiest of events, the hundreds of attendees weren’t engaged in long harangues or bitter fist-shaking. Instead, the expo tried to put a positive spin on what roughly half of married Americans will one day experience. Here, a guide to this “sign of the times”:

What is a divorce expo?
Instead of vendors selling wedding dresses and bouquets, “life coaches, financial planners, family counselors, and even hairstylists” are on hand to help “new divorcees field the brave, new life of singledom,” says Erica Ho atTIME. Attendees can also get tips on dating and sex, which could be especially valuable “if you’ve been with the same person for five, 10, or 20 years,” says Cindy Perman at CNBC. “Your waistline is different now, your hairline is different, your dating pool is different — and dating is different.”

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