meeting people is easy

Last night, Tina, my photography partner Bill and I went on a brainstorming session to talk about a shoot we’re doing on Saturday.

We were also supposed to meet with a clothing designer to pick out some stuff to use for our models.

The shoot is exciting. Bill made a contact at a magazine that is going to feature us in an online magazine spread and behind the scenes shoot.

We ducked in a local Mexican restaurant to have a beer and talk. While we were waiting, a guy sitting by himself said, “Hey, are jew a photographer?”

I tend to carry my camera around with me. It’s a walking advertisement for Pete’s sake.

“Yes,” I said.

“Hey, would jew … would jew take my picture?

He was a little sauced, and I’m always looking for a stranger to shoot.

I said, “Yeah, of course.”

“How much would you charge?” he asked.

“Man, for you, nothin. Let me just set my camera.” I started fondling my dials to set up for an indoor light. I resorted to a slowish shutter (1/40th), an aperture of around 4.5 (I wanted more depth of field),  and prayed I didn’t fuck it up.

The above shot is the result.

The guy introduced himself and we friended each other on Facebook.

I love these kinds of interactions. It makes being what I love and what I love to do … better.

5 thoughts on “meeting people is easy

  1. What lens do you typically walk around with?

    You mentioned it was a Mexican place – I was hoping to see more scenery in the shot to put it into context. Maybe the label of the beer as well. (I really don’t mean to sound too picky.)

    “A little sauced” – it does look like he’s feeling no pain!
    Nice story.

    1. This lens was a 16-35 mm 2.8 that I had on my 7D, so it was behaving more like a 25-56 mm. It’s still wide enough to have gotten what you described above.

      I don’t mind you being critical at all.

      I too would like to have seen more context. When I got home, I fell in love with the water marks on the table from the bottle and wished it was a larger part of the photo. I also would like to see the label, and maybe something that read more like a Mexican joint, or the trashy little effort the restaurant was making.

      I settled for just the portrait and thought at the time of the photo that the crop would be just the bust, no table. Just shoulders, torso and top of cap. Then I saw what I did have in the frame and left it.

      Said and done, the photo was the one I got.

      Curious. Why do you have George’s web site linked to your name?



      1. Thanks, Jeremy

        George was kind enough to set me up as a guest poster on his site a while back and I guess I’ve been slow to update my profile. I found your site through his blog and we share a lot of similar interests.

        I’ll send you an email with more.

    2. And as for my typical lenses when walking around, on my cropped sensor body, I usually have the 16-35. On my full-frame camera, I walk around with a 24-105, f4.0 lens.

      Yesterday’s Peeper Dee was my iPhone.

  2. Funny story.
    Z was a friend I made over on John Barron’s blog. John likes to moderate comments Z makes because John insists that everyone stay strictly on topic unless they agree with him.

    I offered Z the opportunity to guest post whenever he felt like it at my place as a way to give him a voice.

    Okay, that wasn’t a funny story, I lied.
    Maybe I should embellish it with a tap dancing monkey or something….

    Next time.

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