Photographing while running

Yesterday, I went for a much-needed jog. When I’m busy, I get to exercise much less, and scheduling time to workout is a chore.

There are a few of you who I’ve convinced to use the Runkeeper app for the iPhone so we can share our experiences and, hopefully, encourage each other through a little healthy competition.

Regular reader Xina turned me on to the camera function in the app that allows you to shoot a photograph, and it GPS locates it to the place you were when you took it and adds it to your map at the end of the run.

While I was running, I decided to shoot without stopping as much as possible. The results were interesting, and better than I anticipated. I expected blurry shots. But the shutter was quick enough to capture the action without stopping. One of them was my Peeper Dee yesterday. Here are a couple more.

2 thoughts on “Photographing while running

  1. I’m getting ready for run #1 of the day and I’m going to try to get a peeper dee photo to submit to you. I won’t be able to stop much either so it just all depends on how they turn out.

  2. That’s great.

    I noticed that the better photographs were ones when I was up close to my subject. The one of the girl stretching, I was about 2 feet from her and timed it just right, after messing up on the one of the dude’s belly and the one of the dude on the skateboard.

    But you might not be close to people on your run so have fun with it.

    Can’t wait to see what you get.

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