Inspirational: Grandma carries disabled granddaughter over mountains to school

This Chinese grandma values her granddaughter’s education so much, she’s willing to carry her to school, an over 2-hour walk, there and back.

Via TYWKIWDBI who included this:

Tan, seven, has cerebral palsy and can’t walk, so every morning for the last three years, her granny has carried her the five kilometres to school, waited for her, and carried her home across southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality… Incredibly though, the two have never been late for school, even though the walk takes around two hours on a good day. It is estimated Xiang has carried Tan, now seven, over 10,000 km.

Veteran responds to Pastor Dennis Terry introducing Rick Santorum

Did I say, “Veteran”? Shoot, I left out that this veteran is an atheist, a tax payer, and, well … an American.

I love the part where — in response to Dennis Terry saying, “We don’t worship Allah. We worship God,” the guy says, “Actually you do worship Allah, who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Allah is the God of the old testament. Allah is just an Arab word for capital G God. It’s as if I said my favorite color is green, but I hate the color ‘verde’. You’re just displaying your ignorance.”

Go check the video at YouTube. It’s receiving praise from Christians and Atheists.


Just finished the video wanted to make two more notes:

1) Except for the end, the guy in the video doesn’t raise his voice, and even then, it’s not a yell but an intensified, staccato without much volume.

2) His out was: You are everything you think your enemies are. And then paraphrased: I hope you gain just enough enlightenment to realize that you are what you hate.


Please stop judging Christianity by its enlightened, converted, holy, righteous, exemplary followers

How many times have you heard the following line:

Don’t judge Christianity by her followers, who are fallen, sinful and make lots of mistakes based on the same things they preach against.

Many say that accepting Yeshua magically transforms the human into a super-person with super-person abilities.

Well, check out what these super-people did to transform a 13-year-old kid … with shovels and pliers.

The pastor of a Riverside County storefront church and two of his followers were charged with assaulting a 13-year-old boy who authorities said was disciplined by being pinched with pliers, beaten with a shovel, forced to dig a grave and threatened with death.

Suspect Lonny Remmers, 54, of Corona pleaded not guilty Wednesday to assault with a deadly weapon and inflicting corporal injury on a child. Nick Craig, 22, and Darryll Jeter Jr., 28, pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, assault and other felonies, prosecutors said.

They were arrested on Friday and remained jailed Wednesday. It was not immediately clear whether they had obtained attorneys.

If convicted, Remmers could face up to seven years in prison. The other men could face up to 19 years and fours month each, said John Hall, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office.

Remmers is the pastor of Heart of Worship Community Church in Corona. There was no phone listing for the church.

The Associated Press called the phone listing for a Lonny L. Remmers in Corona on Wednesday, but no message could be left because the mailbox was full.

Read more:

You know what? When you say that there’s transformation in belief, you can’t say your Christianity is exemplary whilst the followers aren’t.

I mean, I guess you can say it. But no freethinking, evidence-based mind is going to believe it or accept it.

Then you say, “Well, what about Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot … look at all their abuses and human torture in the name of atheism!”

So I guess you’ve won, this time. And this discussion has kicked dead horses all over the internets. We’ll constantly battle with, “My thoughts are better than your thoughts!”

We’ll say, “The crazy people in our camps aren’t nearly as crazy as the nutters in yours!”

Let’s all draw swastikas on each others foreheads and get on with it.

Phew, I’m on a roll this morning.


Whilst tugging on my hair ends … I ask you … what are you talking about?

There’s a believing friend of mine who posted thrice on Facebook this morning and I wanted to comment on all the updates.

The kicker is that he follows this blog on Twitter, so this might not end well.

The first read:

Avoid profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith.#truth

If you remove the Yoda-inspired sentence construction and attempts at lofty language, the update reads,

“Avoid non-religious and foolish babblings, and avoid disagreeing with — or resisting — so-called science, deliberately made to deceive, which some believers who have made the error of accepting instead of complete confidence in something unseen based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

Did you know science was deliberately made to deceive? The same discipline that brought about a computer for this guy to write on. The same discipline came up with vaccinations and organ transplants. The same branch of knowledge that allows people to have more healthy, happy babies and have long productive lives with them is the same ideology that should be avoided, for the sake of “faith” which is defined as “having complete confidence in something unseen based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”

This update, craftily constructed to appear intelligent, is nothing more than a reminder to believers to avoid “science” for the sake of things unseen.

The guy is a modern day Paul.

What he misses is that “complete confidence” fits into the definition of vanity, which is oppositional to the definition of profanity (something not sacred or not-religious). And when faith — something you must be confident in without proof — goes head to head with science, which is loaded with evidence, the only ammunition a believer has against it, is determination to oppose it.

I’ll gladly take science, in opposition to the idiocy of accepting that which cannot be proven or seen.

Another update read (are you ready?): 

No man looks at circumstances or relies on his feelings if he believes. Never give way to human opinions. #Jesusaiditbelieveit

Firstly, Jesus never said anything in the sentence above. That makes saying it was Jesus who said it, well, a lie.

Secondly, EVERY MAN looks at circumstances. At least, every man I know who is not in jail. And even that’s up for grabs. But you have to look at the circumstances. Otherwise, you’re a fucking idiot.

Thirdly, no man relies on his feelings if he believes? This is a HUGE issue I have with the church. For one, having the feeling that no man relies on feelings is reliance on feelings.

For two, people are attracted to other people with feelings, because expressing empathy and vulnerability are human traits that bring us together. Lack of empathy tears relationships apart.

But this is my “human opinion” and you should never give way to it.

And finally, the guy posted: 

For men shall be lovers of themselves…ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3 #continueintruth

Wait, what?

Didn’t this dude write, “Avoid profane and vain babblings”?

Be lovers of themselves? Does that mean you should kiss yourself in the mirror while masturbating?

And then he writes, men should be always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

I agree that you should always be open to the possibility of being wrong.

But, let me repeat that: “Never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Man, I’m confused. You should love yourself. You should always be learning. But you should have faith, which is conclusions based on nothing but air.

It’s no wonder believers are a mass collection of confused, splintered people, fumbling around for acceptance.

Hey believers, here’s a hot tip. Be plain in speech. Make sense of your senses. Because nothing written in the above updates makes sense.

Also, accept all those words Jesus says about not being accepted. Get rid of everything scientific in your life (computers, cars, technology, etc) and see how long you guys have butts in pews.

Oh, I forgot, it’s too convenient to have all those things. Why would god put all these things, deceitful or not, in your way?

You should probably ask him.

Oh, wait, you can’t.