Hey John, meet some of my friends!

Thanks to Facebook’s ease of sticking similar topics in clumps, I thought this update from Christian John Shore (@JohnShore) was interesting.

Shore’s update reads, “Yes, I’m depressed today. It’s Good Friday. I’d like to meet the Christian who ISN’T depressed today. Wait. No, I wouldn’t.”

Immediately under his update, there were three people whom I know are believers who are happily wishing everyone a good Good Friday. The next one wasn’t depressed, but expressing what Easter is. And then the atheist under that says, “Fuck your Shit up Good Friday!”

And then perhaps the best update was from this devout Christian girl who wrote:

I’m loving the cooler weather! Grateful to be chilling out a little today, not rushing soooo much….Thankful for how the Lord has been supplying what I need….Looking forward to a date w/ Rob, Amanda, and Michael tonight….and to top it all off, I get to celebrate the symbolism of my RISEN Savior this weekend! Good times, good times!

So I guess my friends aren’t the kinds of Christians that John Shore approves of.

Seems a little weird for a liberal Christian to be so judgmental. But then again, I’m not surprised.

One thought on “Hey John, meet some of my friends!

  1. Maybe my reading comprehension is off today, maybe it’s because I need to eat, or maybe I’ve just been out of the religious loop for too long, but I may not be getting his message.

    Is the implication here that all Xtians should be sad and weepy over the fact that today commemorates the supposed date that their main man got gang banged? And that somehow if you’re not feeling down today you’re not John’s kind of Xtian?

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