What the funny kids are posting

Sweet-ass friend of the blog Joanne Casey at I have seen the whole of the Internet and the kids at Tastefully Offensive are never short of great goodness featured on their blogs.

Check out a few of the funnies they’ve been posting.

“Whoever said nothing is impossible has obviously never tried to staple water to a tree.”

Grumpy old man says, “Back in my day the bathroom was used to take a shit. Not to take pictures.’ 

Scott Hilburn cartoon of doctor telling a pineta in the hospital, “Looks like he’s gonna pull through, but it must’ve been a pretty vicious attack … he’s lost a lot of candy.”0

Missing dog poster with $20 scratched out and replaced with $10. reward. Shows a pug. Reads “His name is eric and he’s an idiot. That’s probably why he’s missing. His face is like a skillet and he’s nude. (Sorry about his balls). Also I’m selling this drum I have for $20. if you’re interested. 

God on the computer swearing says, “Oh my … self”

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