Whelp, it’s Easter. Happy Easter, everybody

Easter Dust Bunnies

There are more updates on Facebook celebrating the risen savior than I care to count this morning. I’m friends with lots of nonbelievers, too, so there are some snarky ones like,

Tomorrow we celebrate the holiday where this Jesus guy comes out of his tomb and if he sees his shadow we still have six more weeks of winter.

Joe My God published a couple Easter posts including a painting of Christ on the cross with the word “Faggot” over his head. The artist has been getting lovely death threats from lovely believers who lovingly write responses like this one:

Some say we should pray for such deviants. I say it would be refreshing to execute Ms. Cherry but, only after she has been forced to watch her entire family be tortured to death.

To which one of Joe My God’s evil, gay, hell bound readers posted this:

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta has been posting some Easter related info too. I’m not going to link to all of them, but if you go there today or soon, you can check them all out.

This picture and story stood out:

The Rock, a community church in Conway, South Carolina, has a special treat for families this Easter weekend:

So whether you believe a virgin-born man-god came to Earth two thousand years ago and suffered death so that you could be saved from all the sins that other people think or normal, life experiences, or whether you don’t believe that … Happy Easter.

Might the season of spring, rebirth and rejuvenation bring you new perspectives, fresh ideas and much success.



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