Tim Tebow Draws 15,000 People to Sunday Easter Service in Texas

From the headline, I thought Tim Tebow took out a pencil and a big sheet of paper and drew 15,000 people on it.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? 

Apparently Tebow “preached” for 30 minutes over the weekend in Texas.

I don’t care a wink for football or Tim Tebow. I do, however, find it brilliantly anti-Jesus to pray in public. It’s like taking Jesus, saying you love him, but you’d rather not do what he directly commanded you to do.

I’ve said it before, so yawn all you want. But Jesus was unclear about a lot. But he was crystal clear on public prayer. And, yet, one of the foggiest things about the Yeshua Fog is public prayer.

And by the way, I found this video at Joe My God who wrote:

Ow my ears! That gaydar bell is loud today.

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