Put prayer and religion back in schools? Really? Let’s put edu-fucking-cation back in school

Yesterday, Kottke posted some newly found photos of the Titanic that surfaced recently.

You can go look at them here. They’re great.

After posting them, he posted a collection of tweets from kids who didn’t know the Titanic was a real event. The news made me snicker at first, but the more I think about it, the angrier I get.


There are religious groups that want to put prayer and faith back in schools. I understand the argument, and there was a day when I argued for the same thing. But those things don’t lend themselves to improvement in knowledge. They appeal to people who think prayer benefits kids … when there’s nothing that supports a positive or negative effect.

How about putting reality in schools? How about putting history back in schools?

Here is the screen cap of tweets:

Titanic is real

It’s Wednesdog!

Before I go and claim I don’t have any submitted Wednesdogs, I thought I would post and ask if I’m missing one that you sent.

My dog likes to get in my emails and eat them, so I have an excuse.

Otherwise, this one will have to do. It’s a dog that looks like Jude’s Sam reading a self-help book called, “How to Pick Up Bitches”.

Get your submissions in here.

Santorum called Hillary with the news

Texts from Hillary reads: Santorum “I ended my campaign for president.” Hillary, “It’s what Jesus would have wanted.”

Wait, didn’t Jesus want Santorum to run? I’m confused.

I guess God loves Mormons more than Christians (and Muslims!) and he wants them to run this country.

Score one for the bad guys.