Peeper Dee #103

Good news! I’ve got new rules for Peeper Dee submission. When emailing the images, put PPD followed by the number in the subject line. That way I can find them easily, because my desktop is getting bogged down with photos from all of you.

And if this keeps up, I’m going to need an administrative assistant to take Peeper Dee duties.

Do that for me and we’ll be peachy.

Thanks for all of your submissions. I’m thinking about posting the Peeper Dees at my pro site as well. If you want to be included, drop a yes in the comments.

Here’s today’s Peeper Dee!

A cubical with a view by Biodork
bebe feets by sunny lee
by tina louise

wasn't set for the train to come by Jeremy Dub

Thoughts on helping the homeless


The other night, I took the above hipstamatic. From that distance — maybe three or four feet– I could smell urine and feces. I got the impression that he was straining and either crapping in his pants or in a lot of pain.

He had a coffee, or some kind of drink and a bag of food. So I felt like he was okay, but certainly not great.

The next morning, I had to deliver a project directly to a client downtown, so I drove. On my way out of our alley, I saw this guy again laying in the grass. From a distance, he appeared to be shaking.

My heart broke.

I figured he slept outside, and he was cold or sick. I told myself that I would check on him when I got back, and see if I could find him a blanket and some food.

When I drove back up, he had a bag of food in a clear plastic bag and a large bottle of water.

So either he was able to score this loot or someone was thinking like I was and hoped to help this guy the best way possible.

My rationale for telling you is 1) to brag that I’m awesomer than you are and 2) we gotta look out for each other. And I hope you keep your eyes open for ways to lend a hand, small and large.

You know, like Jesus.



What am I working on?

I’m excited to share this photo that we took over the weekend in the studio.

Bill had the amazing idea of putting a girl in the grass and have the snake crawling over her. Both our models were not shy about having the snake crawl on them or about holding it, which was great.

Hell, Tina wouldn’t put the thing down.

It’s funny. Bill is stretching my mind in ways he doesn’t realize. When he came up with hiring the snake to come to the shoot, I got caught up in how much it would cost us.

But the more I thought about it, I was capture by his phrase, “Go big or go home.”

Some things I did in post were add pearls where there weren’t any in that jewelry on her head. I also added the snake tongue into the shot. The makeup and hair were great and made the edit much easier. And I added the grass. We took the shot on on some fake grass with the intent to add the grass later.

This is my third or fourth grass shot that I tried. It was either too big or gave perspective that made your brain hurt.

I love the lines, colors and angle. I think the hand by the mouth works, but could easily have missed the mark.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard the line, “I’ve got demons in my boobies!”

If you don’t want to see this movie as badly as I do, you’re probably someone who needs to check their pulse.

About the vid:

Published on Mar 14, 2012 by FrancoisFujimoto

Teaser for Sexy New Japanese Horror Comedy directed by Francois Fujimoto (Franky Fuji).

While conducting experiments to create “the perfect boobs” a
group of doctors are transformed into Evil Mutant Creatures with an unstoppable hunger for BOOBS! See our hot action women fight to keep their perfect breasts out of the evil doctors’ mutant hands!!!

“Getting Clients”

For all my entrepreneurial and self-employed readers (which there are a few), I think this article is a great read.

It’s chapter two of a design-related book by Mike Monteiro called, “Getting Clients.”

Among the advice, like getting referrals and be pleasant but not nice, and do good work, he also says get your sales pitch down to a fast ball (not in those words).

He writes:

But if you sound really excited and confident about what you do when someone inquires in a perfunctory manner at a baby shower—and then you shut up—the person you are talking to might actually remember and recommend you when the occasion arises. This actually happens all the time.

Other advice includes, being visible, maintaining relationships and reflecting well on people who recommend you.

On being visible, I carry my camera as often as possible. Last night, we went to an opening party for a project we work on every year. People ask me to take their photos, I give them a card, they become a relationship that I can attempt to maintain.

I carry my iPhone and I say, “You gotta see this!” And I show them a photo of a hot model laying in grass draped in a snake and their eyes light up.

With a camera and an iPhone, I’m a walking advertisement. There’s no reason to be pushy, or show too much. But it’s important to do little salient things that people walk away from with an interested impression.

And just like advertising, you see a hundred ads for Coke and you may never buy one. Or you see a thousand and finally drink one. Companies advertise knowing that the return on investment works, and without visibility and frequency, forget about it.

What’s great about this article is it’s referring to the design industry, but it crosses over into other fields. It could even cross over into what you want to do with your life.