BAMFs: The Passing releases EP All On Feeling

My photography partner Bill Whitmire plays drums in a band called The Passing who just released a five-song EP called, “All on Feeling.”

You should check it out!

The EP is on all the major distribution sites, namely Amazon. Go here and take a listen. I’ve got my copy already, and I’m telling you you should pick up yours as soon as you can. The major track that radio stations need to be playing is More of Myself

It’s a great track with heavy momentum and drive. It makes you want to sprint while listening to it until your lungs feel like a fat man is sitting on your chest.

By the way, Bill’s one of those guys who has talents in so many areas that it makes you sick to your stomach when he’s telling you all the things he does in just a 24-hour period. So between drumming like a mother fucker and then kicking ass with his photography and all kinds of stuff between, he’s an all around person to watch.

Bill wants the band to take off so badly, you can see the desire oozing out of his eyes and ears when he talks about the band. So if you’re looking for new music, drop a couple bucks on this EP. And tell ’em I sent ya.

2 thoughts on “BAMFs: The Passing releases EP All On Feeling

  1. The short of it, no. It’s a stock image.

    The long, it was scheduled on our shoot a week and a half ago, and for lots of reasons, got behind schedule. So it got pushed out.

    Bill was pushed for time, and finally got that one. It is beautiful, though, yes.

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