In Jesus name, amen.

Two elderly women are sitting on a bench, canes and all. One says to the other, “And another thing Francis … all this fuss over Same Sex marriage. I just don’t see what the big deal is. Harvey and I have been having the same sex for 54 years and to tell you the truth it isn’t worth getting all upset over.”

Thanks, Pea Dub

2 thoughts on “In Jesus name, amen.

  1. Not sure where the dialogue on this charming picture came from but either the name Francis is wrong (females are Frances), or the grey-haired person is cross-dressed. I reckon it’s cross-dressing, because as you get older you can behave more and more outrageously and no-one gives a fig.

  2. Ohhh I get it! Grandma has to be a senile tranny ’cause no one in their right minds could actually be in favor of gay rights!!! Thank goodness you stopped by and set us all straight. Really!

    I “reckon” you must be from North Carolina.

    All this making shit up IS fun! 😀

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