When life gives you a loved one whose views don’t match yours make lemonade

Did you notice Pea Dub’s Peeper Dee yesterday?

For those who don’t know, Pea Dub, formerly Old Fart, is my dad.

He titled his image: “God or evolution at his or its best.”

This might not strike you, but it strikes me. I’m sure my family has gone through some mental and verbal challenges grappling the idea that their son, a once devoted and award-winning Christian (not kidding) is now a vocal and open non-Christian.

Dad did this once before. We were talking and he said something was beautiful just the way God made it. He paused and then said, “Or evolution made it.”

I’m not sure I told him at the time, but that felt really good.

It’s not like I want to challenge my dad — or any believer — every time I get a chance to. For the most part, everyone should continue believing or accepting what it is they want to accept. Everyone’s views are up for criticism, even mine.

But despite it all, my dad has found a way to compromise a little. To show he gave it all a lot of thought and that he’s making an effort to meet in the middle on some things. This is big news for a guy like me.

I complain about Christianity a lot. But it’s not my goal to make my family so uncomfortable that they change everything when I’m around to meet some standard I impose on them. I want them to tell me about the way their belief makes them happy. They should use the same vocabulary when I’m around as when I’m not. That would include “prayer”, “pray for me,” “bible study,” etc. etc.

I wanted to acknowledge that. And acknowledge that dad is one of the most frequent contributors to the project.

That’s gotta show for somethin’, right?

So cool.


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