Gotta do it: What Stan is posting at TYWIKIWDBI

Stan at TYWIKIWDBI is back blogging in full swing after another short break to get some personal work completed.

The problem with Stan is that he posts so many damn interesting things that I can’t decide which to show you. So I’m going to recommend several posts.

The best thing that caught my eye was the above picture of a person holding a copy of the Quran with the word, “LIES!” next to it. In the post titled, “Lost in Translation,” Stan explains:

Muslims in Germany try to promote their religion by handing out Korans in a campaign named “Read!”

Unfortunately for those whose first language is English, the German word for “read” is “lies” (pronounced “leese”).

I think it’s a ploy. There’s no way “Lies” means anything other than “Lies.”

Pregnant seahorses is a must look, must read. 

There’s a post on Intentional Blindness that you must read and it’s totally inspiring for further discussion. If you read it, be careful not to read too far before answering the question, “How many red balls do you count?

Check this picture before clicking on the link.


The best blogs of 2012 is a good one, but I haven’t had a chance to explore them all yet.

There’s a ton of stuff to read and gush over. So go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.




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