Peeper Dee #110

by Xina

So in an effort not to clog up the front page with these, when I have four or more submitted images, I’m going to put one image on top — of my choice — and put the rest below the fold as they say. It just means that you have to click to view them on another page.

I’ve found that blog posts are most successful when there’s a lead-in featured image.

Words just don’t cut it. THE Word doesn’t cut it either, if you know what I mean.

Today, I only have 3 so far, but I’ll expect more this evening.

I have to make one note about Xina’s image above. She took that shot laying on the floor in an old mental hospital. Those were ropes to prevent patients from jumping from higher floors.

I thought you’d appreciate the back story. Biodork’s image below is a mentally disturbed coffee cup with its knees up to its chest while humming in the corner.

Empty by Biodork

light test by Jay-dub

by sunny lee


One thought on “Peeper Dee #110

  1. Well, it was more I who was alone and curled in a ball because the coffee was gone. But oh my gawd, I’m so glad that the intention of the shot came through! You made my day!

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