Joe The Plumber Tells Brody File: “God Is On My Side”

In the clip above, Joe the Plumber — whatever his name is — tells the interviewer about his early years of getting famous.

He explains that he was a plumber, he was used to sewage on his overalls, not using a computer. When he heard news was circulating about him, he got on his parents’ computer and said, “How’d those little people get in there?”

When he found Huffington Post — that amazing bastion of solid journalism based on the dumbest journalistic practices known — he was astonished that people he never met were [baby voice ] making fun of him.

So he talked to his friends and family and prayed to God for 3 hours. The next day, he felt good and decided he wouldn’t let what other people say ruin his day. And that it was awesome that God was on his side.

If that’s what it means to have God on your side, what a shitty friend. You talk and talk to him. Gush and pour your heart out.

And he sits silently hoping your friends will figure it out.

If he were my friend, I’d get a new one.

Hey Joe, you’ve got sewage on you!