Peeper Dee #113

Knocker by Xina

Here’s the latest from our open-blog 365 photos submission contest-not-contest.

I’ll add mine later tonight. You can add yours any time. Send here.

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Sunday Shoutout

Regular-reading Xina ran in a 67-mile relay race yesterday with a group of women.

The race was called, Southern Blue Relay, which was 67 miles of running (all up hill), 1,000 Foot Deep Tallulah Gorge (must have been the dog leg), 3 Mountain Lakes, 12 Legs, 2-6 Runners.

Yes, I said it was the Southern Blue Relay. Not to be confused with Southern Blue Balls Relay, which you have to run perpetually if you’re a Christian male growing up in the Yeshua Fog.

Xina and her fellow runners excitedly down 67 margaritas last night in celebration, so she’s sore and hanging today. But it must feel great regardless. What a feat.

Congrats to Xina and her group!