Cleaning house? You’re doing it wrong

A recent blog post from Luis V’s wife Becky F at The Still Room caught my eye. She titled it, “A Tip for Spring Cleaning – The Servant’s Directory, Improved, 1762“. 

The quote she posted, that I learned a great deal from is:


The House-Maid.

Be up very early in a morning, as indeed you are first wanted; lace on your stays, and pin your things very tight about you, or you never can do work well. Be sure always to have very clean feet, that you may not dirty your rooms, and learn to walk softly, that you may not disturb the family. (p. 11)

The walking softly part, I’ve got down pat. But lacing my stays tightly is always a chore. Maybe that’s why I don’t work well.


I personally like to clean in my French Maid costume, especially when Tina wields her whip.



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