It’s (still) Wednesdog!

Crap, I almost forgot. I mean, I remembered this morning. And then I got REALLY busy with some work.

And now I’m going to post a picture. Are you ready?

I’m not either.

My dad submitted this shot of their dogs, Lilly and Jake.

Lilly is the fluff ball and Jake is the murderous Chihuahua. They like to yip and strangers and sleep. In that order.

Peeper Dee #116

by Tina Louise

Here’s day #116 of the 365 picture challenge that you can join up at any time … since it’s not the real 365, we call it Peeper Dee.


by sunny lee
if you think I'm eating that cheese, you're nuts by Jeremy Dee

Unlikely Heroes Fuck Biscuits

The above video is a Stephen Fry segment featuring a woman named Jess Thom, who has made lemonade out of lemons while having Tourette’s syndrome plus coprolalia — the tendency to involuntarily blurt out curse words.

Her most frequent blurted out words are “Fuck” and “Biscuit”, and Tourette’s also causes uncontrollable movement.

Thom is now a sort of super hero, costume and all, spreading awareness for Tourette’s.

Enjoy the video and let it strike conversation in your business place. I think it’s worth it.


My Dad celebrated Earth Day … question mark

2 liter coke bottles recycled,,Sunflowers and Spaghetti Squash

Yesterday, I received the above and below images from my dad, Pea Dub.

The email’s subject header was “For Earthday”. The email was the photos with captions he wrote, as you can see.

Earth Day is all about promoting green behavior and activities. It’s a method of treating the earth as a caregiver, or mother, instead of pretending you’re a pimp of a herd of cheap hookers under your supervision all with expensive coke habits.

To my best knowledge and this hopefully isn’t a knock but a scratch of my head, my dad’s politics don’t include the acceptance of global warming. And perhaps you don’t have to accept the threats of global warming to put your hat in the ring of green living.

But all in all, I thought this gesture of sending me these photos were encouraging and inspiring. Heck, I didn’t do diddly for Earth Day except photograph a bunch of people showing off their hair in some kind of war.

Dad is quite the green thumb, though. Growing up, he often kept a garden when he had time. He worked the ground and reaped harvests of tomatoes and other produce.

So good for Pea Dub. He’s going green. The next thing I know, he’ll be producing a documentary on saving the earth.

Let’s just keep it between you and me, that growing plants in plastic from Costco will turn your skin purple.

Costco apple containers recycled ..Beef steak Tomato and Cherry Tomato seedlings