Coffee Table Thoughts

I’m all over the board this week. I want to write about everything, but it’s like opening a coffee table book. You flip through its pages, and you don’t really read it.

I’m working with Bill to develop and launch the site for our group effort/collaboration which will be called Dark Matter Media Group. We’re not exactly sure how it’s going to look, or how its structure will appear.

Photographers usually don’t pair up. But I don’t see it as a paired photography company. I see it as a collaborative creative group that offers more power for the money spent.

The purpose of the group effort is to chase down high-end clients that want a particular edge to their photography, and possibly video.

If you’re wondering what that image is above, it’s a friend on facebook’s pit bull. She dresses him up, takes iPhone pics and posts them. They are always this funny or funnier. There are ones of him wearing heals and dresses. It’s hilarious.

I’m thinking between Talulah and this pit, we could make a pit bull calendar or coffee table book. We could do themes. Santa and Rudolf. Brad Pit(t) Bull and Angelina.

Or launch a clothing line.

Tomorrow I’m gearing up to video a Nice Peter concert. Can’t wait for that.

Earlier today, I ran 3.6 miles and ended up at the gym to wait for Tina who was taking a spin class. I went downstairs and sat in the whirlpool which is beside a small lap pool. There was a water aerobics class with a bunch of little ladies in there. I couldn’t see the instructer when she was saying, “Okay for this next move I want you to face the wall and … whoa!” Splash.

She was in the pool.

Every single one of those ladies had laughed their ways to heart attacks.

I wish I knew what you were up to. It’s been relatively tame week. I swear I’ve been looking for controversial topics.

I found a graphic the other day on Facebook that I thought I would remember to return to, but  now I can’t find it.

I did find this one:


The cosmic battle rages on.

I remember thinking that praying would stop me from the desire to masturbate. And after Jesus failed to save me from the devil’s temptation, oh the fucking guilt.

What a ruse.

I wish I knew what you were up to this weekend. Oh, pipe dreams.


Did you see what I did there?

Graphic of celebrity faces who claim to be atheists reads, “Fear not hell, for if it exists, you will find yourself in good company.”

Make sure you try to identify everyone. Tina and I named everyone except the dude under Willy Wanka, below Teller, above George Clooney and below Morgan Freeman.

I found the original here at TYWKIWDBI, but altered it ever so slightly.

The aliens have landed and they’re helping us dig holes

Photograph via mejjad

You have to click on the above image to enlarge.

That thing in the picture is the world’s largest land vehicle. I bet you a bit of money, it’s the universe’s largest land vehicle. And if you prove me wrong, we’ll both win.

I’ll let Twisted Sifter tell you what it is.

The $100 million Bagger 288 (Excavator 288), built by the German company Krupp (now ThyssenKrupp) for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine.

When its construction was completed in 1978, Bagger 288 superseded NASA’s Crawler-Transporter, used to carry the Space Shuttle and Apollo Saturn V launch vehicle, as the largest land vehicle in the world. It is 311 feet (95 meters) tall, 705 feet (215 meters) long and weighs 45,500 tons. The machine took five years to design and manufacture and another five years to assemble.

The Bagger 288 was built for the job of removing overburden prior to coal mining in Tagebau Hambach (Hambach stripmine), Germany. It can excavate 240,000 tons of coal or 240,000 cubic metres of overburden daily – the equivalent of a soccer field dug to 30 meters (98 ft) deep. The coal produced in one day fills 2400 coal wagons. It takes five people to operate the machine.