Biodork’s impressions from Freethought Festival, WI #FTF1

Regular-reading, blogging, Peeper-deeing Biodork drove down to Madison WI from Minneapolis to attend the Freethought Festival there over the weekend.

She’s pumped up from all she saw, which is understandable. She wrote a first impressions post about it here. You should read it.

Me? I completely forgot about that conference despite my original intention to go. I picked up a coveted job this weekend that made me forget it even more.

And when Biodork emailed to say, “Why aren’t you here?” I wrote back and said, “Holyshitdamnpoop, I messed up!”

I debated driving up for Sunday’s events, but when I saw it was a three-hour drive and I needed to deliver a bunch of video files to a client, I had to nix it.

So go read her blog and let’s all make plans to meet up at the next one.


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