Dang, Nature, you awesome (Leptocephalus)

This little invisible wormy-fishy, eel larva creature is called a Leptocephalus.

Is that not badass to see how amazingly see-through he or she is.

Organisms like this is why it’s hard to believe in a creator. So what, a designer created this on day whatever of creation, set a timer and said, “Ain’t nobody going to see it until someone ‘discovers’ it in several thousand years. How cool am I!”

Insert slap five fest with holy spirit and Jesus, aka himself. The devil looks on from afar, arms folded, sighing.

Meanwhile, this little booger is found only on one planet (that we know of) in a giganormous universe.

It makes sense in that “every culture comes up with a genesis story” and “Superman and Spiderman are plausible” kinds of mindsets.

I wish science had characters in their history. Don’t you. Maybe then 85% of this country would find evolution acceptable.

More here.


6 thoughts on “Dang, Nature, you awesome (Leptocephalus)

  1. Perhaps HE allowed us to discover it only now so we would never get bored as a human race and start killing each other even faster than we do now? and so we’d never quit searching for HIM?

  2. Or, perhaps this amazing little creature is a reminder to us. A reminder for us to wake up and see how truly incredible life is on this planet given its amazing evolutionary history. A reminder for us to realize that if we keep killing one another in the name of one imaginary sky fairy or another that we will eventually drive ourselves and many of the other species on the planet to extinction.

    1. Steve,

      Didn’t you know, Brad is not a master debater.

      He’d rather teach his kids and the youth at his church that two people’s disobedience — a long time ago — is the reason there is evil in the world.

      And a fallen star devil tempts scientists and intelligent people to think that evolution is responsible for the variety of life on earth.


      And I’m the shallow one.

  3. I am not interested in a debate over why HE might do this nor do I believe it’s my place to speculate as to why the God of the Universe might do anything. I was just kind of poking fun at your blatant and shallow dismissal. That’s all.

    1. You said my dismissal was shallow.

      For the sake of discussion, I’ll give it to you. Sure, it was shallow from your perspective.

      Wouldn’t your pithy, unthoughtful statement qualify as just as shallow?

      Or is it because you included a couple pronouns for “God” you get shiny sticker for depth award?

      Why can’t you speculate? Is it that you’re incapable of criticizing the process or testing your mind with critical thinking?

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