Wow! This explains why women don’t have hairy chests and don’t run from that dirty, old book

Gotta love this graphic from Brad over at The Revival Generation, who uses his blog to cast an uncritical eye on faith and spirituality.

It’s very man-heavy, this Brad blog.

It’s very dude centric.

Grunt, grunt. Piss. Piss.

[Insert little cartoon character with his chest puffed out and his finger pointed into the air brazenly as he says] … Because that’s what the bible says about keeping women’s mouths shut

The Revival Generation is a loving place where you can learn to teach your sons how to avoid domestic violence by teaching them to be violent. Yeah, did you know teaching boys to wrestle will prevent them from bludgeoning their wives to death?

In his post, How to Grow a Man: Father’s edition, Brad writes:

Everyday in the US, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.

And later:

We want our boys to grow up big and strong and so we feed them right, get them involved in team sports and so on, but we don’t help them to know their own strength.  One thing that does this, especially in young children, is playful wrestling with dad.

Funny, I thought teaching your kids not to be violent would work.

Boy, what do I know!

Why am I picking on Brad? Good question.

Glad you asked.

Brad thinks that God created variations in species that we’re discovering now so that God could wow mankind into not killing each other. Why do I think that?

Over at my post about the awesomeness of evolution, Brad responded:

Perhaps HE allowed us to discover it only now so we would never get bored as a human race and start killing each other even faster than we do now? and so we’d never quit searching for HIM?

In case you’re lost, like the other two thirds of the world’s population, the pronouns in all uppercase “HE” and “HIM” refer to [whispers] GOD.


God created creation to unfold like the petals of a flower or a bloomin’ onion at The Outback so we would get distracted from murdering our wives and killing our neighbors.

Finding see-through animals is a way that we can constantly search for HIM, right?

I mean, that hard-rock, kickass, love monsters ain’t showin’ his own mug … so he’d rather wow you with a see-through eel and a crustacean or two.

Nothing stops war — started by oppositional religions — like the discovery of Tiktaalik, aka a huge missing link between fish and land animals.

Can’t you just see the magic that could have happened just before George Double-ya sent hundreds of thousands of troops into Iraq if he would have only been made privy to the discovery of a six-legged Zebra with two heads living abundantly in Ethiopia?

Crisis averted!

Let’s all dance in the streets!

God gave us a new Zebra-thing!

But Brad says I’m the shallow one. But I don’t want to debate, argue or go to war with the guy.

Look, a flying dragon saddled by a unicorn!

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