Billy Graham: The bible’s definition of marriage is clear, I just don’t have any room to show you where the bible says it on this full-page ad

Isn’t it amazing.

Billy Graham takes out a full-page ad (above) supporting heterosexual marriage in North Carolina, claims in the ad that the bible is clear on the topic, and yet there’s not one citation to the bible.

He writes:

“The Bible is clear – God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.”

Dear reader, please show me this clear passage. Show me it, and in the meantime, I’ll show you 100 clearer stories of marriage that oppose one man/one woman.

When this is your message, you clearly need to find a new resource for morality.

Vote AGAINST, North Carolina.

Let compassion and humanism — clearly the authority on morality and human behavior — guide your decision. Not this morally corrupt, contemptible excuse for a leader of people.


9 thoughts on “Billy Graham: The bible’s definition of marriage is clear, I just don’t have any room to show you where the bible says it on this full-page ad

    1. Thanks, Xina.

      And sorry you live in the fog. Well, I’m not always sorry. Just when you have to deal with this shit.

      The first comment is bad ass.

      “consistent with the Bible”…. I am a Christian grew up Southern Baptist. Rev Graham was ordained at a Southern Baptist Church (b/c at time he didn’t have a seminary education). I have great respect for him, however… a tenant of the Baptist Faith and message both 63′ and 2010 is the Separation of Church and State. As far as consistent with the Bible: so was slavery, not giving women the right to vote, not giving women the choice of being a deacon or pastor, not giving african americans civil rights… all these were considered by people at one point or another to be “consistent with the Bible”. It’s already illegal in the state of NC. Vote Against May 8th.

    1. There are so many people in the world that need to take a look at their lives and get to the root of their bitterness, and ask God for help. The Holy Spirt must be a Guide through the richness of scripture to understand it. I personally do not hate gays and lesbians, I have gays and lesbians in my family who I absolutely adore, though our views on marriage are different. We do not hate each other. I clearly see hate spewing from those that are intolerant of intolerance. If one is against “intolerance”, then he or she might want to start by tolerating those with different beliefs.

      1. If you could try — for a few minutes — to respond to the actual post above, I might consider responding to you.

        Otherwise, your response on tolerance is a waste of time. You ignored what was written and hid behind accusations of intolerance.

        Not cool.

    1. In my opinion, this kind of imposed iconography is one of the biggest ways believers break the 10 commandments.

      No idols. And yet, posing Billy Graham as the beacon of wisdom and virtue somehow doesn’t qualify.

      Let’s put the 10 commandments up in all our government buildings and break every one of them every day.

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