David Barton on The Daily Show

If you’re like me, you watched the lousy “historian” David Barton interview on The Daily Show and wished, oh how longingly that Jon Stewart’s next question was going to actually make a dent in how shitty of a person David Barton is.

You can watch all three sections of the interview over at Friendly Atheist. I cannot post these videos on WordPress.

Jon’s punch never shined through, which was deflating.

Stewart missed the mark.

Meanwhile, Barton told stories about how Christianity is under attack.

He told one tall story about a kid that tried to pray at school and was bullied by teachers not to pray. He claimed they literally picked him up and yelled at him to stop. The story was told in that way that when a friend tells you a big fish story, you nod and say, “Yeah, right. You are so full of shit.”

Turns out, the story is a legend dating back to 1994. Rightwing Watch followed up with this about that story:

This myth involved a student named Raymond Raines and it has been around since 1994 when Newt Gingrich and various Religious Right leaders frist started making Raymond’s sorry tale the centerpiece of their campaign to pass a constitutional amendment protecting the right to expressions of faith … despite the fact that it wasn’t true:

The St. Louis case concerned 10-year-old Raymond Raines who, his mother said, was given detention because he sought to pray over his lunch. When lawyers for the Rutherford Institute heard about the case, they filed a lawsuit against the principal and issued a press release denouncing the school system.

“I know it sounds bizarre, but we have substantial evidence to believe it happened,” said Timothy Belz, the St. Louis lawyer working with the Rutherford Institute.

On NBC-TV’s “Meet the Press,” Gingrich described the situation as “a real case about a real child. Should it be possible for the government to punish you if you say grace over your lunch? That’s what we used to think of Russian behavior when they were the Soviet Union.”

But school officials said the incident never happened. Rather, they said, Raymond was disciplined for fighting in the cafeteria.

“I can tell you he was not reprimanded for praying,” said Kenneth Brostron, the school’s lawyer. “Do you think it makes sense that the teachers would look around the cafeteria and target the one student who was praying quietly at his seat?”

David Barton is a fraud. He’s teaching bollocks that I was taught back in high school in propaganda classes whose soul purpose was to deceive Christian students into thinking their Christian leadership held scholarship much superior to that of the secular idiots who promote Satan-inspired ideas like humanism and science.

It takes very little effort to look into Barton’s falsified information, but that’s the thing. It takes some effort. Some effort is what most ‘mericans can’t put forth.

And that’s why ignorance is the best you can do in places covered in the Yeshua Fog™.




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