Here is an interesting take from a Buddhist perspective on the kid from Nova Scotia who got suspended for wearing a Jesus shirt.


So here we are.  A reactionary blog to something I read in the news.

Who the hell does this kid think he is,  defying authority and expressing his beliefs in such an aggressive manner?   SHAME, SHAME! I Say.    I’m just kidding…it’s cool William,  just ummm….wash the shirt between wearings okay?

I think this incident is an excellent example about how some people in society are attempting to molly coddle us into a hyper-sensitive puddle of gasoline.   One spark and BANG!!! we’re offended and banning t-shirts and writing blogs and blowing things up!!

We’ve become a society that thrives on self-entitlement,  righteous indignation and persecution complexes.    It seems that people expect a nanny-state to protect them from things that are offensive.

All that being said,  the cause of this is pretty noble.  People want everyone to feel included and be happy.  (You can sing “It’s a Small World Afterall” here…

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