Pol Pot and his “atheist” regime

Tina and I were reviewing some photos from my trip to Asia in 2010.

We stopped on the shots of the Killing Fields and a museum in Phnom Penh where many were imprisoned, tortured and killed. The photos I took are difficult to look at, but they’re simultaneously difficult not to look at.

“How many people died under Pol Pot?” Tina asked.

“It’s likely in the millions.” I said.

No one may ever know how many men, women and children that he was responsible for killing.

“It’s weird to me that Pol Pot is heralded as an atheist,” I said to Tina. “The guy wanted to squelch education, religion, science and medicine. His M.O. doesn’t represent the atheist pursuit of broadening education, spreading science and promoting medicine.”

Among the atheist agenda is stymying religion, so in that way, perhaps you have a Pol Pot-likeness.

But the flipside of that is that people like Rick Santorum and other leaders within the conservative bowel movement seek to oppress education, science and medicine. Rick Santorum is clearly a leader for evangelicals. His agenda of those ticket items is clear.

So if we count up the likenesses to Pol Pot, let’s see, that’s 3 to 1.

If we’re going to get catty about who is more like Pol Pot, I’d give the first place medal to Mr. Santorum and anyone who repeats his agenda as the focal point for America.

Said and done, no one … NO NOT ANYONE … has any right comparing any of our modern leaders to fucking Pol Pot. And the fact that I’ve done it here makes me sick. The atrocities that are memorialized in Cambodia, in Europe under Nazi and Marxist regimes, is only comparable to the concept of hell.

And by hell, I mean the place where some people believe other people will go for the soul crime of belief in the wrong deity or thought crime.

That, dear reader, is atrocity. That, dear reader, is closest to Pol Pot.

Atheists do not believe in anything outside of the observable and natural. Pol Pot thought he was sending these people off to the afterlife. We should know better.

I hate being a Debbie Downer on a fine Friday such as this. But when the leadership in this country is screaming about what to believe in and what faith should promote which moral decision, take these things into account. Take the full-story behind the belief system and examine it.

When examined closely, the atheist agenda of education, free thought, human compassion, medicine and care for all despite their situation, how does that compare to the idea that losing the ovarian lottery might set you on the easy path to an eternity of damnation?

More info on Pol Pot here and here.

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