Peeper Dee #128

by Jeremy Dee

I hope I didn’t screw up your love for submitting Peeper Dees.

Here’s day #128 of the 365 Photography project.

More to come.

by Tina Louise
by sunny lee

Apart from the shirt, shoes, and polo, there’s hardly a difference between these two guys

I shot the two cuties (above) while visiting the monkey sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia.

Gosh, apart from the cigarette, clothes and camera, there are very few differences between the two critters.

Well, I bet the guy on the left has bigger balls.

But, monkeys are known to enjoy a few too many bowls of yogurt.

Another headline contender: “Brothers from different mothers.

Click to enlarge.

And you started doubting evolution. Are you kidding me?

You’re so dreamy

This morning, Tina and I set our alarms for 5:15 a.m., roughly 12 hours earlier than we usually get up and start our days.

We photographed a breakfast event, and had to be on site by 6:45. We were in bed by 10-ish, reading and sipping night-time tea. By 10:45, my light was out, but neither of us could sleep for anything.

Our shoot was a new client, but I wasn’t stressed out. Or so I thought. Between the stress that crept in my mind, giving me weird, unbearable dreams that felt like I was awake and thunderstorms throughout the night, it made for a few hours in bed that felt like a marathon.

In one of my dreams, all of you were there. And we were running from the bad guys. But we were all naked. And it appeared that many of you guys need to lay off the yogurt.


At one point during the night, there was a clap of thunder that resembled applause. It seemed to never end. It was that fart that you let go after holding it on a first date or with a new group of friends. By the time it comes out, you could say the alphabet forwards and backwards at least twice before your sphincter stops flapping.

That thunder scared the shit out of me.

It reminded me of growing up. My room was directly across from my parents’ bedroom. Sometimes at night, you’d hear the loudest, longest gas explosion coming straight from their room.

“Dad!” I would yell making one syllable several.

“That was your mom,” a voice would say.

Laughter would emit from my brother and sister’s rooms, too.

It was the equivalent of our Walton’s moment.

Today’s job was one that required a same-day turnaround, so we got home, and in the most productive way possible, went through the images, culling the bad and improving the good.

When I feel sleep deprived, it feels like my brain is pushing up against my forehead. It’s not so much of a headache as a pressure. And that pressure is irritating.

If you’re un-American, too young, your parents abused you, or you just want to relive a great TV moment, here’s the redundant ending to the TV show, The Walton’s.

You’re welcome.


Trouble asking out the ladies, eat some yogurt.

Yoghurt and raspberries
Yoghurt and raspberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists –in labs and lab coats — have determined that eating yogurt can increase the size of a male’s balls … at least in mice.

I wonder what it does to men?

It also made the mice shinier than their non-yogurt eating, small-balled compatriots.

So the next time you’re in the locker room, and you notice the guy next to you has balls that hit the floor, tell him to lay off the yogurt.

Story here.

Via Kottke

Open up and say, “RAWR!”

Check out this monstrous, murderous-looking fish called a sarcastic fringehead.

This little teeth-heavy, scary looking, cobra like thing gets its name from the original meaning of sarcastic, which is Greek for “to tear flesh.”

More info here.

The next time I go ballistic on some weird commenter troll, you can say I went sarcastic fringehead on his ass.


Pastor Sean Harris defends beating your sons on radio show


So the guy who said to punish your boys for effeminate behavior defended his statements on a radio show.

It’s worth a listen, and we all need to bind together and help Sean Harris, and people like him, see how convolutedly silly their views are.

Based on what? A bible whose message is so tattered and mishmash? If the values of oppressing women, slavery and every single other view that Christians no longer hold dear, surely this one is easily tossed out too.