Pastor Sean Harris defends beating your sons on radio show


So the guy who said to punish your boys for effeminate behavior defended his statements on a radio show.

It’s worth a listen, and we all need to bind together and help Sean Harris, and people like him, see how convolutedly silly their views are.

Based on what? A bible whose message is so tattered and mishmash? If the values of oppressing women, slavery and every single other view that Christians no longer hold dear, surely this one is easily tossed out too.



2 thoughts on “Pastor Sean Harris defends beating your sons on radio show

  1. That was interesting, thanks for posting that. I’m glad to see that the interviewer didn’t give the pastor a free ride.

    But I think he missed an opportunity: when the guy kept repeating that homosexuality was a choice, I would have asked: is heterosexuality a choice? I would have liked to hear his response to that.

    And, once he attempted to answer that, I’d ask: if your bible said that it was an abomination for opposite sexes to lie together as same sexes do, would you be able to follow that commandment? For the rest of your life?

    I’ve never heard these questions being asked to the bigots. I would really like to hear how they respond.

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