@Pastor_Sean Harris makes the case against belief in his sermon “Vote for Marriage: One Man, One Woman”

I just listened to the entirety of Pastor Sean Harris’ entire controversial sermon titled, “Vote for Marriage: One Man, One Women” at the Berean Baptist Church website.

You may be scratching your head and asking yourself, “Now, why would you do that, Jeremy?”

And I say, “That’s a good question, dear reader. Let me answer.”

I did it because I haven’t heard of anyone actually talking about the rest of the sermon except Sean Harris. I watched the recent interview from Justin Griffith. And I listened to Harris say that everyone took him out of context.

And I hate that we are accused of that. So I went and took him in context.

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You get wasted in life for Jesus, or some shit like that

There are updates to the Nova Scotia teen who wore the same white t-shirt every day with the words, “Life is Wasted without Jesus” that it turned yellow.

The day that William Swinimer went back to school, there was going to be a forum on how to properly proselytize your fellow students with information your parents taught you and you can’t yet figure out how it’s full of shit.

His dad came and pulled Swinimer back out explaining that he only wants his kid going to a school that teaches readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic. You know, the basics.

“You can’t tell my son how to tell your sons what to believe!” screamed Mr. Swinimer as he shook his bible out his car window and peeled the tires in his 1982 Chevy Cavalier.

There are also great parts of the story coming out that William told other students they’re going to burn in hell if they don’t believe.

Thought crimes’ll get you eternity, bitches!

I don’t want to put words in Swinimer’s mouth, but I really wished someone would take me aside after I told them the same thing as a brainwashed student and said, “You know, Jeremy, you should do a little research into that place called hell. It’s easily debunked. And seriously, the rationale for it is poorly thought out. Do you really think an all-powerful deity is going to send you to hell for falling in the lineage of two people who disobeyed in a garden?”

I could have used someone to help set my mind free faster, but that apparently wasn’t in the cards.

You can read an article here.

Thanks, Jude!

Checking in on Amendment One and the Facebook kids

I’m from North Carolina, aka The Yeshua Fog™, which means a lot of my friends are faced with the vote today for or against amendment one.

Over at my Facebook feed, there is an overwhelmingly greater support for voting against amendment one. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t friends who are not speaking up about how they will vote.

One friend posted the poor excuse for an ad from Billy Graham and wrote:

Please go vote today! So many have sacrificed so much so we have the opportunity to voice our opinions.


So many have sacrificed so that Ashley can voice her opinion? What, the slaves, women and children in the bible who were beaten, raped, oppressed murdered and mistreated? All the gay people who have felt the fist of bullies, the kicks of bullies in the name of a book that supports women’s mouths be kept shut and to use people who surround your country as slaves.

Hey, Canada, I need some dishes cleaned up … get down here and be my slaves!

No one liked the post so far, so that’s encouraging.

Another friend who is much younger than I posted:

I am a God fearing Christian who is raising my family as the spiritual leader.

“Your male and female slaves are to come to from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.” Leviticus 25:44

Do we take everything literally from the Bible. Also what would Jesus vote on this if her were alive today? Would he have been kind and accepting or would he voted with the Pharisees?

I am voting against Amendment One and I will still be a God fearing Christian.

Here’s a kid with a reasonably thought out rationale. He explains that he is still a Christian, just like all those people who once supported oppressing women and slavery through biblical support, but now does not. Apparently, you can still believe in the bible and not believe everything it stupidly says word for word.

So for that, good on him.

His friends weren’t as kind. I’ll post the screen cap below the fold, but one guy wrote:

Jesus would have voted for it. Show me anywhere through out Jesus’ life where he condoned a sinful lifestyle. Look at Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman. What did he tell her to do?

Even if you take the biblical truths out of amendment 1 you still have to consider the social issues that may arise. 150 years ago this discussion would have been unthinkable, if this amendment is voted down what could marriage look like 100 years from know. We should never confuse a love for our fellow man with tolerance of what our fellow man finds acceptable.

This mentality boggles my mind. The Yeshua Fog is so thick. So blinding, that it’s easy for many to repeat the same things from FOX and the pulpit without mindful understanding of the facts.

My response was:

Good for you, Dustin. All of us outside NC are hoping voices and rationale like yours win out over those for this anti-Jesus message.

A bit of a land war may start here soon.

Regular-reading Aaron and I talked on the phone over the weekend. He said, “Jeremy, it’s so bad where I live. I can look out my front window and hardly count the number of signs in other front yards saying they’re voting for Amendment One.

Gosh, I only hope my parents have learned enough by having bone fide homosexuals in their family now that I’m married that they’d at least consider voting against.

Vote against, North Carolina. And pat yourselves on the back for moving into the last century.

Next, we got to get your into this one.

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