@Pastor_Sean Harris makes the case against belief in his sermon “Vote for Marriage: One Man, One Woman”

I just listened to the entirety of Pastor Sean Harris’ entire controversial sermon titled, “Vote for Marriage: One Man, One Women” at the Berean Baptist Church website.

You may be scratching your head and asking yourself, “Now, why would you do that, Jeremy?”

And I say, “That’s a good question, dear reader. Let me answer.”

I did it because I haven’t heard of anyone actually talking about the rest of the sermon except Sean Harris. I watched the recent interview from Justin Griffith. And I listened to Harris say that everyone took him out of context.

And I hate that we are accused of that. So I went and took him in context.


To Harris’ defense, he did say that you should not be homophobic should you have a gay son or daughter. But that doesn’t mean you have to invite their partner to Thanksgiving! So there’s that.

The rest of the sermon addresses what the bible says (and doesn’t say) about marriage.

One of Harris’ major points is that God doesn’t have to explain every rule that you need to follow. If he says you should wear blue, he doesn’t have to go into detail about why you shouldn’t wear every other color.

On that point, Harris says, “God did not condemn: child molestation, child abuse, incest, bestiality, but we all agree on those things as wrong.”

And this is where your tires should squeal to a halt. God said a lot about molesting children, child abuse, incest, bestiality, and He (God) is surprisingly for those items Harris claims God and his followers are against. So there are already HUGE, gaping holes in his logic.

It seems that there are times when Harris conveniently forgets that God and Jesus are supposedly the same “dude”.

Dude, dude, where’s my freakin’ bible? 

By the way, if it bothered you that Harris called the effeminate son “dude” several times in the clip that circulated the internet, he used it the entire sermon and it’s just as nauseating the first time as it is the 300th.

Pastor Harris tells his congregation all kinds of facts, like:

  • Gas prices are high because out government has devalued the dollar by printing up too many extra dollars.
  • There are people who say it’s a fact that people are born gay, but that’s not a fact. Why, because I told you so.
  • The reason why gays can’t marry is because they can’t have kids. If you can’t have kids, then marriage is not approved by god. Reason number zillion why Christianity and I don’t get along.
  • Gays should not benefit from the financial benefit of marriage.

Harris also makes a case against adoption, by saying that if a man isn’t raised by his biological father, he is more prone to go to jail. If he goes to jail, you and I have to pay for his jail sentence. So let’s force fathers to raise their sons. And if they don’t, their grandfathers should step up.

As an infertile adopted kid, Harris has done very little to paint himself well with me and my childless, heterosexual marriage.

In the interview with Justin Griffith, Harris explained that he did not tell his congregation who to vote for. He did not. But he told them how to vote for this amendment.

The climax of Harris’ sermon — at least to me — was that if Jesus wasn’t referring to the truth that Moses was accurately talking about a literal existence of Adam and Eve (the supposed model for one man/one woman), then Christians can all pack it up.

The entire foundation of Christianity could fold under this premise. 

I was taught this same thing. “If one part of the bible is untrue, than all of it is untrue.”

This rock-hard foundation that you’ve been taught, I was taught, was so strong can be destroyed with the idea that Adam and Eve weren’t literal beings. Or it could be destroyed if any other biblical “fact” were deemed untrue.

Between Sampson, walking on water and a dude visiting heaven in dreams in Revelations, there are so many “facts” that render the whole thing a sham.

You heard it here first, dear Christians. Christianity, according to Harris and people like him, is untrue.


Go on and think no more that homosexuality is evil, or that you’re evil, or that we’re all hell-bound without Jesus.


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