Peeper Dee #135


by sunny lee

I apologize for the lack of posts today. It’s been hectic. I feel like Sunny’s son in the shot above. I’m all dressed up, with a chicken little in front of my business.

Enjoy today’s Peepers. Submit yours when you can.

by Tina Louise


Make up by Jeremy Dub

Help us, Ryan, Tina and Jeremy, you’re our only hope.

On Saturday, my buddy Ryan visited, stayed over and helped out at our photoshoot yesterday.

We went to brunch at a local place Crêpes a Latte, which was really very good. After, we were driving home and there was tons of traffic that was detoured at one intersection because of construction.

As we followed a line of cars north along side the Ravenswood metro tracks, I noticed several ducklings jumping down from a 3 or 4 foot embankment. I pointed and gasped.

“Did you see that?” I said.

Tina nor Ryan saw it. So I told them, and then I noticed the momma duck was still at the top of the embankment. There was no way for them to get back up, and there was nowhere for them to go with all the traffic at that hour. I pulled into an open parking spot, and we were determined to help them reunite and get back on the hill.

I’m pretty sure it was a mallard momma, and she ended up jumping down to be with her kids.

What we did was guide them as a group to a place that let them get back on the hill. We were all proud of ourselves for a good deed done fast and easy, when I noticed a little duckling who didn’t make it.

She seemed hurt, and was screaming for her momma. After we chased her out from under a car, we picked her up in a scarf and placed her up on the embankment hoping that momma would come back to her.

I don’t know if that’s a little girl or not, but Ryan and Tina were insistant that it was. So if you know differently, don’t be a jerk when you let me know.

Since we offered prayers to many deities for the duck’s safety, we know that one of them were answered, and that little girl has been reunited with her family.

We called it a wild mallard miracle.