Behind the scenes

Check out some of these behind the scenes shots from our shoot on Sunday!

Thanks, Bill, for rocking these. They’re great!

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Romney, this year’s worst Pied Piper

Check out the video above depicting Iowans worst affected by Obama’s dismal economy. From a production standpoint, it’s not well done. I mean, I understand the need to use available light, but not inferior sound acquisition.

But that’s beside the point.

Romney hopes to appeal to voters’ emotions — just as Obama did in 2008. But if you, you or you think Romney’s going to waltz in and fix everything like a plumber with his hairy ass hanging out, I feel you’re going to be disappointed.

But whatever. Vote for whom you want. I don’t care. I’m not 100% Obama by any means.

And damn if I don’t want this economy to pick up. My business is incredibly effected by all that’s going on.

But I’ll be damned if I fall for fear tactics like the ones above attempting to make appeals to my emotions and not my intellect.

So, fuck off Romney. We know how it sucks. How are you going to fix it?

Also, I’m done with the “I’m the 23 million” and “I’m the 1%” bullshit.

For Pete’s sake, it’s done.

What Stan at TYWKIWDBI is posting

You all know I’m a huge fan of Stan’s blog TYWKIWDBI. He’s got a handful of posts I want to redirect you to read and admire.

Tired of those pesky cops following your trail, get cow shoes!

I thought the photograph alone was cool enough to repost. But I had to include the context. See below.

Blockquoted from Kottke:

This is one of a pair of cow shoes worn by moonshiners during Prohibition to hide their tracks from prohibition agents. From a 1922 edition of The Evening Independent:

A new method of evading prohibition agents was revealed here today by A.L. Allen, state prohibition enforcement director, who displayed what he called a “cow shoe” as the latest thing front the haunts of moonshiners.

The cow shoe is a strip of metal to which is tacked a wooden block carved to resemble the hoof of a cow, which may be strapped to the human foot. A man shod with a pair of them would leave a trail resembling that of a cow.

The shoe found was picked up near Port Tampa where a still was located some time ago. It will be sent to the prohibition department at Washington. Officers believe the inventor got his idea from a Sherlock Holmes story in which the villain shod his horse with shoes the imprint of which resembled those of a cow’s hoof.