See you next Tuesday: Pastor Bob Enyart needs a lesson protesting

In the clip above Denver Bible Church’s Pastor Bob Enyart buys what appears to be a medium-sized (grande?) Starbucks coffee and has someone record him explaining why he’s dumping it down the sewer.

Enyart believes that his bible is more important than doing what’s right. So he buys (BUYS!) a Starbucks coffee, takes it to a sewer and pours it in swearing allegiance to a book that can’t get the price of tea in China straight.

It might be more effective if he recorded himself in the bedroom having sex with his gay lover and said, “Look at how …oh yeah!  … gross this …. ooooooo! … abomination … oh my god! … is!”

He could say “Down with Starbucks!” as he cleans up.

What’s even better is how he plugs McDonald’s — the largest worshippers of Satan since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — right there at the end.

I mean, how is artery-clogging, cauliflower-ass causing McDonald’s better than Starbucks? Because they don’t back gay marriage?

Excuse me while I go buy me a Café Latte Maxi Vente Enema Cappuccino Espesso.



17 thoughts on “See you next Tuesday: Pastor Bob Enyart needs a lesson protesting

  1. From the video: “You can hear a lot of fluid in the sewer, so it sounds like a lot of people are dumping their Starbucks”.

    Sounds like Starbucks is doing great out of this protest! Time to invest heavily in SBUX! 😀

  2. Pastor Enayart is best known for buying nearly $16,000 worth of O.J. Simpson memorabilia at an auction benefiting the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and then leading a group which set fire to the items on the steps of a Los Angeles courthouse in protest of Simpson’s inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.[1][2] Enyart is also known for his views on homosexuality and abortion. Enyart pickets the homes of doctors performing abortions resulting in one Colorado town banning such protests in residential areas.[3] Enyart also angered families of AIDS vicims when he read the men’s obituaries on his television show calling the deceased “sodomite”s.[4] Enyart has also led residential protests against executives of a company which provided construction services for Planned Parenthood. God Bless Bob Enyart, a true man of GOD!

  3. Hey Irie, thanks for commenting an entire slew of reasons why Enyart is a complete buffoon.

    I’m confused why you made him look so stupid, and followed it with a “god bless him” that doesn’t appear to ooze an ounce of sarcasm.

    1. You may listen to his podcasts at and the answer to your question will be explained in detail or better yet, call him on air at his listed BEL showtime number and ask him yourself … if you can muster the courage that is!

      1. I didn’t ask any questions.

        But you can explain yourself for why you did what you did anytime you wish.

        Thanks for the heads up on his little show.

      2. The reason you were baffled at the absence of sarcasm is because there was no sarcasm. Bob Enyart is a true giant among christians. Rather than banter with me, simply call Enyart yourself and explain to him your veiws that prompted you to call the man a “buffoon”. While your more than welcome for the “heads up” of his show I have the distinct impression your more comfortable behind an anonymous
        virtual persona and very unlikley to actually take my challenge and contact Mr. Enyart during his live broadcast…..

      3. Huh, I am not the one with an alias. And as you changed your alias from one response to the other, I am completely transparent. My name and photo is plastered all over this blog.

        What’s your name, champ?

        You made the challenge to call into his show.

        I’m not confused why he did what he did, nor do I require explanation. What is your problem? Through this video, he fed into the very stereotype that renders Christianity mockable and moronic.

        My confusion was about you representing him in a completely negative light, with a turn in the end to praise him.

        Frankly I don’t care if you’re mentally handicapped enough to be wooed by Enyart’s inanity. You’re giving me amazing fodder for this blog.

        Keep writing. And I’ll keep figuring out ways to make an example of you.

      4. Jeremy your understanding of Christ’s teachings is appalling. Christ teaches us to warn our fellow man of the deviant, destructive lifestyle that encompasses homosexuality. Christ also warned us that the world hated him first and will hate true christians as well ( I.E. baffoon,moronic,mockable,mentally handicapped,insane indicates your feelings when confronted with christ’s teachings) Liberals are so predictable. I also noticed you continue to duck my challenge reinforcing my distinct suspicion you are just another typical liberal blogger with no actual backbone to voice your blatherings by picking up the phone and calling into BEL ( call number posted at

      5. Predictable?

        In the sermon on the mount, Jesus said, “Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.”

        I would like all your money, please.

        Follow Jesus’s commandments.


      6. A perfect example of your infantile understanding of scripture. God gave us all one thing at birth called a conscience, this seperates us from the animals of the feild Jeremey. I would like to say God gave us all common sence but the more you comment the more difficult that is to ascertain.

      7. Your mental aerobics are astounding!

        God said to kill children who curse their parents and to execute homosexuals.

        I trust you do that on a daily basis.

        I’ll send you my address when you’re ready to comply with the Holy Trinity’s commandments to give me your coat when I ask for it, or sue you for it.

        And I’ll copy you on my direct message to Enyart. Be on the look out!

      8. Yes, Homosexuals have the right to a speedy trial. Sodomy was outlawed not so long ago in amerca’s past for a good reason.Thats the big difference between you and I Jeremy, If God said it, thats good enough for me, unlike your obvious rebellion to God.Since you are fearful of actual contact with Pastor Enyart and cannot muster the courage to sound off with your feeble arguments I thank you for including my comments in your questionable virtual message to Pastor Enyart … but its the thought that counts!

      9. God said it so it’s good enough for you. Just not when the command is not what you have in mind as agreeable.


        I realize you will or might think the same of me, but your ideas and faith are disgusting.

        Filthy, rotten, abysmally disgusting.

      10. Your begining to ramble again Jeremy, slow down … take a deep breath. Dont give up now! you were doing so well,you had established a menial undertanding of scriptue, showed honest confusion to my first post and steadfastly displayed total lack of common sence. In your prior comment,you stated, “Just not when the command is not what you have in mind as agreeable” , type slowly and attempt to explain your thought process there Jeremy! Lets pick up where we left off, your fearful hesitance to call into BEL and voice your disagreement to Bob Enyart regarding his call to boycott Starbucks.

      11. Happy to see they let you out of the straight jacket long enough to comment on the blog today.

        Should we expect you the same time tomorrow during free time hour?

      12. Thank you Jeremy, I will be listening to the podcast assuming you actually call in! If they let me out again this time tomorrow I may in fact comment again here again LOL, thanks again for the lively debate and I look forward to hearing your arguments on BEL. May God look after you and yours!

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