This is good PR for believers

Tina just sent me the above photo.

We can’t figure out where it originated, but damn. Just damn.

So the story that’s connected to the photo is that this little boy and his mom were passing a Westboro Baptist protest, and he told his mom, “I want to respond.” So he went to his car, picked out a pad and paper and made the sign that reads, “GOD HATES NO ONE.”

It brings me to an emotional halt, and it’s what these assholes from Westboro should have plastered all over their signs.

But no. They take the route of angry, bitter, ignorant jerks.

Who the hell cares what your book says and doesn’t say?

It’s time to preach what you think you preach and let people be.

I don’t believe in God. But if I did, this is the sign I’d hold up.

And you should, too.

Vehicular lust hits an all-time high

Behold, vehicle porn. What a beauty!

This is the 1938 Phantom Corsair. It sat six people, four in the front, two in the back thanks to “on-board beverage cabinets”.

There was room for someone to sit to the left of the driver in the front seat!

When released, you could buy this puppy for the low-low, welcoming price of $24,000 ($370,000 in today’s money) and it could hit speeds of 115 mph.

I want one.

Via TYWKIWDBI where you can read more about it.

Thundering Thursday: stick a fork in me!

Since Sunday, I’ve been working almost non-stop on the images. There are a lot of strong ones, and I’m anxious to get the work finished.

The job was Test for Print (TFP) or Test for CD (TFCD), so it wasn’t a paid job. But the investment into the images will work for us in the end. That’s the hope anyway.

I’m posting the picture above, because Xina was hoping to see the full dress. Isn’t it beautiful?

Another highlight is below. Feedback and kind, gushing words are appreciated. 🙂

Tina’s dying to know what you think.