This is good PR for believers

Tina just sent me the above photo.

We can’t figure out where it originated, but damn. Just damn.

So the story that’s connected to the photo is that this little boy and his mom were passing a Westboro Baptist protest, and he told his mom, “I want to respond.” So he went to his car, picked out a pad and paper and made the sign that reads, “GOD HATES NO ONE.”

It brings me to an emotional halt, and it’s what these assholes from Westboro should have plastered all over their signs.

But no. They take the route of angry, bitter, ignorant jerks.

Who the hell cares what your book says and doesn’t say?

It’s time to preach what you think you preach and let people be.

I don’t believe in God. But if I did, this is the sign I’d hold up.

And you should, too.


5 thoughts on “This is good PR for believers

  1. I would stand and hold the sign with you Jeremy. Absolutely ridiculous. As a believer, how could someone hold that sign and say they believe John 3:16. I wonder how many “converts” they had holding the hate sign.

    1. They’re not actually interested in winning converts – their modus operandi is to create situations where they can sue people for breaching their right to free speech.

  2. I’m not sure, Jude. I mean, I know you’re right. I think somewhere in their logic, they think they are attracting a certain type. Maybe?

    Hey Richie, thanks for the comment. Glad you’re still reading/lurking.

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