Ricky Gervais sings the hits

Ricky Gervais tweet reads, “Praying is hilarious. Surely he knows what you want already? “I just want to hear you say it! Beg! That’s better. I’ll think about it.” 

The Sunday School teacher who delivers the lesson on prayer that goes something like, “God answers prayers in four ways, ‘Yes. You’ll have to wait. No. Or maybe,” deserves a huge prize for repeating that crap.

Especially after all the verses that say whatever you ask for you’ll get.

And the response to assholes like me is: “Jeremy, you’re a buffoon who doesn’t understand the bible.” Or, “You’re taking it out of context.”

Faith, the enigmatic relationship with a partner whom you can’t see, promises you the world and the hereafter, but never delivers.

Thanks, George!

Peeper Dee #142

by sunny lee
by tina louise


by Pea Dub
broken platter by J-dub

The supernatural, cosmic battle rages on … but there’s only natural, less than cosmic folks fighting it

There are people you come into contact with every day who think there is a cosmic battle.

You can’t see it. They can’t see it.

But they think this battle is being fought within the scenario of American politics.

I posted about PZ Myers and his response to Bubba Ho-tep Carpenter. And yes, I agree, there are scare tactics presented in that post. If women are faced without an option for abortion, what if they use natural means of hurting themselves to remove the fetus. I get it.

But a cosmic battle? You’re on the devil’s side if you vote for Romney? Really?

Votingforsatan.com is a real place in the cyberspace!

Hey, Republicans, you’re going to hell if you vote for Romney.

See! Told you!


PZ Myers sings a blues hit


“You have to have moral values.” I agree. I truly wish Bubba Carpenter had some.

It’s not just coathangers. Poor women will also use clorox, turpentine, quinine, misoprostol, and back-alley butchers. They’ll bleed out, they’ll have perforated bowels, they’ll suffer unbearable agony, they’ll die. These are “moral values” at work. And note that he even acknowledges the other inequity: if they’re wealthy enough to go out of state (read: Republican), they won’t have to worry about the coathanger. This is open warfare on both women and the poor.

PZ Myers, in response to this jag off.

More here.

Video shootin’

a production still from the day

A few weeks ago, I agreed to take on a music video with a local band. Yesterday, we shot it.

I’m particularly fond of these guys. I’ve worked with two of the guys off and on over the past seven years or more. And if I can contribute a small portion of somethin’ somethin’ to their success, I’m downtown Jeremy Brown.

It was a long day of setup, breakdown, locations, people and drinking beer.

Keep in mind, I didn’t take this project seriously. Not that seriously. They threw me some bucks. Not much. I split it with this photographer named Ben. I didn’t want to lug around my cameras and equipment by myself, and he made for a good sideman.

A few weeks ago, we had a storyboarding/preproduction meeting.

And we determined a bunch of locations. We had ideas of grandeur and awesome-nimnity.

We were going to have pyrotechnics and hot, large-butted black women flanking the band shaking their asses. We were going to have lots of slow motion, beer throwing, and champagne blasting.

And it would have happened … if we would have shot in LaLa land.

Here’s the deal about working with talent with no budget, almost none of the story boarded items come to fruition. We were going to have hoards of people in costumes in scenes. We were going to have a food fight and break bottles and cans.

And clap hands.

Directing a video at this kind of level is about the same as playing imagination as a kid. You can think of a thousand great ideas, but all you’re left with is using sticks as guns and running around the woods all day.

But this time you have a video crew taping you do it.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a blast. The band are friends with a local businessman who let us shoot in his office space. There’s one scene with the band playing as if a conference table were their stage.

In another scene, we were shooting in the band’s rehearsal space, and a rapper from a neighboring space crashed the video and is now in two scenes.

Band rehearsal spaces rent and sell like apartments in Chicago. There are buildings dedicated just to this purpose.

When you walk down the halls of doorways leading into small, soundproofed rooms, you hear the faint thuds of bass, smell the thick odor of booze and pot, and hear the sobbing gurgles of a million weeping artists dreaming of hitting it big.

You’d never think the business of pulling cash out of starving artists is as big as it is.

But it is.

And it’s sad.

Just like I want to make it, I want all these guys to get signed and live the life on the road, scoring hot women and partying too much in a bus that reads something funny on the sides.

We can all hope, can’t we?


Overdue: What the funny kids are posting

Photo of old man without teeth reads, “I was your age, when I was your age”

In case you didn’t know, it’s been a long weekend. For me and for you.

So let’s start Monday with some funny, shall we?

These are from Tastefully Offensive, I have seen the whole of the Internet, and George W.

Neil Patrick Harris, Stand Patrick Harris

Hello, this is steve dogs

Cartoon in airplane cabin, thought bubble comes up from passenger: Sweet mother of god, so that’s how you buckle a seat belt!

Photo of wood floor reads, “Oh, you want to sneak out? Allow me to play the song of my people. “