Oh shit, 5th graders are praying in the classroom … some group is bound to have a conniption

How dare the teacher of this 5th grade class allow his students to sing “One Day” from Jewish rapper Matisyahu?!?

Doesn’t he know that when kids say that they’re praying for something, that means there’s PRAYER in the classroom … prayer brings GOD into the classroom … NOOOOOOOOO!

Oh wait, they’re praying for peace. Praying for the end of war.

This bleeding heart liberal atheist approves!

Take it away Alex Gamble from Kansas City, Kansas and your class of rockstar, cool kids who are having a blast.

Somehow, I can get behind this kind of indoctrination.


Lyrics for the song below the fold

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It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by regular reader and commenting fiend zqtx and Ruby, a dog he had the luxury of marrying into.

zqtx writes:

Here are some shots of Ruby.

She’s an adorable golden retriever puppy who belongs to my wife’s cousin.

Can’t…  resist… puppy.

Too damn cute!

Well, pee on a fire hydrant and hump a leg … Ruby is so darn cute!

Dump Starbucks campaign prompts Christians to say, “Darn, now I have to buy two coffees; one to dump in public and one to drink in private”

The hilarity of Pastor Bob Enyart continues. More information here.

And wouldn’t you know, I heard back from Bob Enyart (regarding this), and do you know what he wrote back after I removed “urine” from the blog post he asked me to remove it from?

He wrote:

Well, we tried. Perhaps next time Jeremy.-Bob Enyarthttp://KGOV.com/homosexuality

So I guess he’s not going to have me on his radio show afterall.

Oh well. Let’s take a moment and sulk.



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